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Rewards are codes that are generated and used at the checkout - in simple words! A customer earns points and redeems them for rewards.

Types of rewards

Click on each reward to find out how it works and how to set it up:

How much each point is worth

If the set up is the following:

Make a purchase rule: 5 points for $1

Money off voucher: $5 redeemable for 500 points

If you have your program set to give 5 points per every $1 spent and a $5 money off reward requiring 500 points > a customer would need to spend $100 with you to earn those 500 points.

To work out how much a point is worth you would divide the money off amount by the number of points required - in this case, divide $5 by 500 points. This means each point is worth 1 cent.

500points/$100 = 5% <- You give customers 5% back.

SuccessTip: We recommends to set up a maximum of 5% back

Setting minimum spend

We don't usually recommend this. Why? Because the shoppers, your customers, have earned those points. It's a bit odd to say there are some points for spending hundreds with me, but you can't use them unless you spend hundreds more.

SuccessTip: work out your margin and set the points for purchases well within it and don't set conditions on vouchers. Unless it's a referral voucher. If you offer free shipping on your products make sure that it is also included in your margin.

Expiry period

Please see the article "Point Expiry" for more information

[Shopify only] using multiple vouchers at once

Shopify only allows the use of one discount code (voucher) per order. This can prevent you from combining offers from multiple sources if both sources are providing discount code rewards.

For example, if you want to use both a LoyaltyLion voucher code and a voucher code from another Shopify app, you won't be able to apply both.

To work around this, use gift-card rewards from LoyaltyLion (or from the other offer provider), this will allow your customers to use rewards from both providers, as gift cards are not subject to the same restrictions.

Note that gift cards are a ShopifyPlus feature and available for LoyaltyLion Small Business plans and above.

Refund unused customer rewards

Export all claimed rewards


Q. Can I split a voucher over two purchases?

No, each voucher has to be used with one purchase

Q. Can I change the number of points needed to claim a reward?

It is not possible to change the number of points the reward requires. If you want a different amount then please delete the existing reward and create a new one.

Q. As a Custom store, can I import non-unique codes to share weekly with my customers?

This is not something we'd support and due to this, that type of upload would fail.

It's highly possible you would end up with one deduplicated code, as we insist on a minimum voucher count.


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