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What is the seamless free product reward?

Also known as: buy with points, Seamless Free Product (SFP) is a Shopify-only reward which allows certain products to be bought using points. It's different from a regular "Free Product" reward, which uses a 100% discount voucher.

The SFP reward provides a much better user-experience in that the product is added directly to the cart for $0 - no voucher is required

The seamless free product reward works by creating a free, single-use variant of your product when a customer claims the reward. The variant is immediately added to the customer's cart and they can quickly checkout without needing to use a voucher code.

How to set up free product (seamless) in the rewards section

 1. Go to Manage > Create new reward> Select "Free product (seamless)"

 2. Chose "Duplicate an existing product" or "Use an existing product"

"Use existing product" - *recommended* as it's the simplest and most common as it works with the products already on your store. We check the inventory of the reference product when the customer clicks the claim button, and only allow them to claim if there is inventory available.

"Duplicate an existing product" - only choose this option if you prefer to think of reward products as separate items, you must manage reward product inventory separately

A "reward product" is separate from your regular products and is not available to purchase normally. This can be an existing product you've created as a reward, or we can duplicate a regular product and create a "reward" version of it.

 3. Enter "Cost to redeem" - how many points are needed for this reward

 4. [optional] Tick "Once per checkout"

  • If enabled, this reward can only be redeemed once per checkout

 5. [optional] "Tick Track Inventory"

  • If enabled, we'll only allow a variant to be redeemed if it has inventory available in Shopify. When a variant is redeemed, we'll decrease its inventory quantity
  • Note: if "Use existing product" was selected, this will be tracked against the original existing products' inventory. If "Duplicate" was selected, this will be tracked against the duplicated reward products' inventory

  6. Write "Terms and Conditions" - these will be visible through a popup from the loyalty panel

  7. Click "Create"

  8. Free product (seamless) is all set up - well done!

Note: Paid Items Required - By default, seamless free product rewards will require the shopper to have at least one paid item in their cart prior to adding the free products. This option can be disabled and customers would be able to claim free product rewards without any paid items. If you'd like to disable this option please contact support.

How to enable claiming product rewards from the cart with in-cart-rewards

In-cart rewards is an additional feature that can be added to SFP rewards which allows customers to see and claim seamless free product rewards through a UI widget added to the cart page. 

Please see if your pricing plan includes in-cart rewards.

Here are the integration instructions on how to set up seamless free product with in-cart rewards. Note: this is an Advanced plan feature that requires adding code to your Shopify theme and may require a developer on your end.

SPF with In-Cart Rewards


Common questions

Can I set up a minimum spend required for seamless product reward?
By default, at least one product must be in a cart for the seamless product reward to work.

What happens when a reward product is removed from the cart? If a reward product is removed from the cart we'll return the points to the shopper immediately, so they can use them on something else. (Note: if you use an ajax cart or other cart enhancements that update the cart without reloading the page, there may be additional steps needed to support returning the points to the shopper immediately, contact support for more details)

What happens when a customer abandons their cart, with a reward in it? After a two hour timeout, the rewards are automatically refunded and removed from the customer's cart.

Can I use gift card as a seamless product reward?
Unfortunately it's not possible because Shopify won't let you create a gift card with a price of 0 (which is how we handle seamless rewards).

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