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Give your customers even more value by double-ing up their rewards!

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Due to Shopify restrictions, only one voucher code can be used on a purchase. This works well to control the level of discounts customers can claim, but if your store regularly runs on-site voucher promotions, and you want customers to use their points at the same time, you may want to look into our stackable options.

Gift cards are a Shopify Plus exclusive reward. They work in much the same way as our regular Money off vouchers however, on Shopify’s end they are treated as a method of payment and so, they can be used in conjunction with an on site promo code, or another loyalty reward. To set up Gift Cards, have a look at our article here

Seamless free products are available to all Shopify stores and are a brilliant way to expand your loyalty offering in a customer friendly way. Free products are great at fostering emotions relationships with your customers and are a brilliant addition to a tiered program. Using our Seamless Free Product has the added benefit of a one click redemption, and the lack of a voucher codes.

This means, no copy and pasting for your customers, and the ability to stack these products with promo codes. (If you don’t want to be too generous, we do have the ability to restrict only one free product per purchase). You can find out more info here.

Experiential rewards (Custom rewards)

If you are on Shopify Plus and want an even smoother customer journey, why not use Shopify scripts? With scripts you can off your tiered customers free delivery, early access to sales or new products. These are all automatically applied to the customer as they shop or check out so they don’t need to do anything to be rewarded!

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