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What are subscription rewards?

Subscription rewards can be used by your customers on any of their subscriptions.

  • These rewards are totally customisable and can be used for a customer's next subscription order, or a set number of subsequent orders (e.g. next 3 orders).
  • The reward discounts can be a flat amount (e.g. $5 off) or a percentage off.
  • You can also change how much you want the reward to cost your customers in points by clicking "Enter a different cost" when entering the discount.

How to add a subscription reward:

1. Install ReCharge Integration

To create subscription rewards, you need to have installed the ReCharge integration. Check in the Installed integrations section of your Manage integrations page if ReCharge appears there.

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Create new reward and click Manage 

4. Select  Money off subscription or Percentage discount subscription

5. Amend the settings of the reward

  • Discount amount
  • Cost to redeem [optional]
  • Usage limit (minimum of 1)

Creating a Percentage discount subscription reward

Creating a Money off subscription reward

How customers use subscription rewards:

Your customers will be able to claim these rewards just like normal rewards by opening the Loyalty panel and clicking on "Get reward" for the subscription reward.

This reward voucher can then be applied to a new subscription or an existing one.

Applying a subscription reward voucher to a new order

Applying a subscription reward voucher to an existing order

If they have an existing subscription - the customer can apply/paste the code in their Manage subscriptions page in their account.


Q. Can customers use other LL rewards with their subscription order?

Unfortunately not, because ReCharge and Shopify checkouts are separate.

Q. What happens to subscription rewards if someone cancels their subscription on ReCharge? For example, if they claimed $5 off next subscription for 3 orders and they cancel after 2 - do they lose the rest of the discount?

The customer will lose the discount as the voucher applies to that specific order. However, you can refund a set number of points manually by following our guide here.

Q. A customer claimed the reward but didn't redeem it. As a merchant I couldn't see the voucher code in my Shopify store. Why wasn't the code automatically created within the Shopify's Discounts section?

The subscription rewards are ReCharge rewards and are never seen within Shopify. As a merchant, you should be able to see the voucher within the ReCharge app

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