To see which plans include this feature please see our pricing page. If you're using our Free Plan would like to add product discount reward to your account, please go to Enhance LoyaltyLion tab.

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About product discount reward

Are you looking for ways to sell overstock or product that doesn't sell as fast?
This reward gives you the option to give a special discount for a certain product - it is a great way to manage your inventory!

How to set up product discount reward?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Rewards and click on Create new reward

4. Find Product discount (voucher)

5. Enter Product ID (you can find it in your Shopify admin > Product) and click Find product button

6. Amend the options:

  • Product SKU

  • Title

  • URL 

7. Enter the:

  • Discount amount 

  • Cost to redeem 

  • Add Terms and Conditions 

8. Click Create in the bottom right corner

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