You have the ability to refund unused customer rewards. This feature is especially useful when a customer claims a reward by mistake or changes their mind on the claimed reward.

Once the reward is refunded, we give the points back to the customer.

The steps for refunding vouchers:

1. Go to ''members'' > find the customers > scroll down and find the reward you want to refund

2. You'll get a message reminder to:

  • tell you that we removed it from Shopify or

  • to remind you to remove it from Shopify (you can do that by clicking on the voucher code - it will take you directly to Shopify)

3. LL marked this reward as ''void'' :

  • the points were given back to the customer¬†
  • the reward is removed from ''your rewards'' section in the loyalty panel
  • the reward is marked as void in the customer's history

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