If you're a Shopify Plus store you can set up Gift Cards as a reward.

With gift cards, the points are only given once. We don’t give points for the part of an order paid with a gift card, instead, we give points for having bought the gift card.

For example, if the customer paid for $100 with a gift card and only the last $5 with their own money, they will only receive 5 points (if we assume "Make a purchase rule" is 1 points for $1).

 How to set up Gift Cards reward?

  1. Go to Manage > Create New Reward > Click "Gift card"
  2. Enter "Gift card value"
  3. [optional] Enter "Cost to redeem"
  4. Click "Create"


Q. Gift cards + Shopify plus - Will the remaining balances sync with each other? A customer might have a gift card they bought outside of LL.
We don’t know about any gift cards we didn’t issue ourselves

Q. Can I combine gift cards with other vouchers?
Yes as gift cards are not subject to the same restrictions! Use gift-card rewards from LoyaltyLion (or from the other offer provider), this will allow your customers to use rewards from both providers.

Q. I'm a ShopifyPlus merchant but I don't have access to the gift cards and points slider?
It is possible that you did not activate ShopifyPlus features on your website. Please click here to start ShopifyPlus activation. 

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