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This article explains how to use our gift cards feature and answers some common questions. To see which plan this feature is available on please visit our plans and pricing page. Gift cards are available on Classic, Advanced and Plus Plans.

Gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased by customers through your online store using money.

When the customers purchase gift cards, we only give points for the initial purchase of the gift card. We don’t give points for orders paid with a gift card.

For example, let's say a customer has an order of $110. The customer pays $100 for the order with a gift card and only the last $10 with their own money. In this case, they will only receive 10 points if the "Make a purchase" rule is 1 point per $1 spent.

Gift card rewards

If you're a Shopify or Shopify Plus store you can set up Gift Cards as a reward in LoyaltyLion. These function the exact same way as a regular Shopify Gift card, but they can be purchased by customers using points on your loyalty page.

One benefit of the gift card rewards is that they can stack in the Shopify checkout with regular discount codes.

How to set up a gift card reward

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Go to Manage > Create New Reward > Click "Gift card"

  3. Enter "Gift card value"

  4. Enter "Cost to redeem"

  5. Click "Create"

Gift card expiry

Shopify provides support for gift card expiry. It also supports merchants setting a default for the behaviour of the cards via the Shopify site admin:

If you’ve set a default expiration for gift cards in Shopify, all gift cards on your store will have an expiration date. We show the gift card reward's expiration date on the loyalty page when the customer views their claimed gift card:


Q. Gift cards + Shopify plus - Will the remaining balances sync with each other? A customer might have a gift card they bought outside LoyaltyLion.

Unfortunately, we do not get any information about Gift Cards we did not trigger ourselves.

Q. Can I combine gift cards with other vouchers?

Yes, as gift cards are not subject to the same restrictions! Use gift-card rewards from LoyaltyLion (or from the other offer provider), this will allow your customers to use rewards from both providers.

Q. If I refund an order that was paid with a LoyaltyLion gift card - will the customer receive their points for the gift card?

In this case, we don't refund points for the gift card used. Instead, the gift card funds can be used again with another order.

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