Setting up your Headless Shopify Store

Steps on how to setup a Headless Shopify Store

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How do you use LoyaltyLion on your headless Shopify store?

  • Follow LoyaltyLion onboarding as normal

  • Order and signup data will still be automatically synced, no action is required

  • Integrate the LoyaltyLion SDK as if you're a custom store i.e., the store should still be installed as a Shopify store, however, the merchant will need to handle the frontend implementation themselves:

    πŸ’‘ Please note, that if the SDK is not loaded on every page as described in our installation documentation, your customers might not be able to view their loyalty program.

  • Verify your signup and login URLs

    • If they match /account/login and /account/register, no action is required

    • If your signup/login URLs differ, provide us with the updated link(s)

      • the dev team will update the site's settings.urls

Is a Shopify headless store compatible with Shopify Scripts?

Yes. When you create or edit a script, you choose whether it will run in your online store only, or in your online store and in the following apps: Private apps built with the Storefront API, etc. (Source). Use the Storefront API, Shopify's headless commerce solution, to add Shopify buying experiences... (Source).

Which rewards are supported on a headless store?

Supported Rewards:

Not supported Rewards:

On a headless storefront features that interact with the frontend Shopify API are not expected to work. These include the following rewards:

Is a Shopify headless store compatible with the Checkout Redemption Slider?

Yes! If your store is using the standard Shopify checkout, then you can add the checkout redemption.

Are notifications are supported on a headless store?

Yes! Notifications are supported. Learn more about notifications here.

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