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Shogun - Integration manual
Shogun - Integration manual

An easy solution to headless commerce

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The Shogun integration is available to merchants on a LoyaltyLion Advanced and above plan. For more information on what is included in each LoyaltyLion plan, please see our pricing page.

Please be aware that implementing a headless loyalty program is a technical process that will require the involvement of a developer

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Why Shogun?

Shogun software brings new possibilities for merchants looking to exceed the limits of modern e-commerce and deliver truly engaging shopping.

Shogun Frontend delivers the benefits of headless commerce, without the headaches—transforming your store into a Progressive Web App (PWA) with greater merchandising capabilities, advanced content management, and unmatched performance.

Retailers have found that Shogun’s platform approach has let them focus on revenue-driving activities vs. complex tech and overhead.

The benefits of integrating with Shogun

This integration provides Shogun Frontend merchants an easy way to use LoyaltyLion’s features on their headless storefront. As a result, merchants can quickly create a loyalty program within Shogun Frontend without worrying about an in-depth implementation. This means you can get the most of LoyaltyLion’s features and focus on revenue and customer engagement.

Merchants using Shogun have found the integration:

  • Increased their site speed

  • Improved customer experiences

  • Enhanced customer engagement

  • Boosted average order value

  • Decreased page load time

Unsupported features

Any rewards that try to add a customer's product directly to the cart are not supported by Shogun.

Totally unsupported features:

As they add products directly to the cart, these features must not be present in your program.

Partially supported features:

  • Free product/product discount rewards. Adding the product to the cart from the modal will fail. One workaround can be to hide this section from the customer by setting the element to display: none with CSS. See the guide here.

  • Referee welcome modal. This has a button to automatically add a product to the cart, which is not supported. The customer must add the code in the checkout for the action to work.

  • Custom rewards. To use these, developers will need to set up a custom webhook.

How to integrate Shogun with LoyaltyLion

The majority of the installation process takes place on the Shogun backend. Therefore, we recommend the assistance of a web developer to fully install this headless integration.

You will also need your LoyaltyLion token and secret to integrate with Shogun:

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Navigate to "Manage"

  3. Find "Configuration" and select "Settings":

  4. Scroll down to find your personal Token and secret:

The full instructions for installation are on Shogun's site.

How does the Shogun integration work?

The Shogun integration can speed up the page load time for the loyalty program and allow merchants to focus more on the front-end where the bulk of the customer experience lies. It works as a usual LoyaltyLion installation, with full support for nearly all features (besides the unsupported features listed above).

If you're using Shopify, if the customer redeems any product vouchers, they will need to manually add those products to the cart from the Shopify product page rather than the LoyaltyLion popup.

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