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How does LoyaltyLion integrate with Shopify?
How does LoyaltyLion integrate with Shopify?
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LoyaltyLion integrates with Shopify in a number of different ways, each of which depends on which plan or which enhancements you have enabled, but if we take a holistic approach and look at everything they fall into the following areas.

LoyaltyLion needs to be able to have access to all of the products on a customers store. We use this for a few different reasons such as creating product-based rewards and discounts. For all of this to work properly we need to be able to get, edit and update products pricing and inventory levels.

Vouchers / Discounts
Merchants are able to use voucher codes to offer discounts as rewards to customers. For this to work, LoyaltyLion needs to be able to create new voucher codes within Shopify.

To ensure that LoyaltyLion is setup and installed correctly on our merchants' stores we need to have access to edit the theme. Doing so we create new snippets and insert them within existing templates. This allows out scripts and other DOM elements to exist when customers visit stores.

Gift Cards (Shopify Plus)
LoyaltyLion allows merchants to offer Shopify Gift Cards as rewards for their customers. Similar to vouchers we use the Shopify APIs to create, amend and delete these.

Overall, it's a good assumption that if the Shopify documentation of the proceeding areas allows us to do something, LoyaltyLion probably does or will do in the future.

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