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Enable LoyaltyLion via Shopify App Embeds
Enable LoyaltyLion via Shopify App Embeds
Written by Freddie Wynne
Updated over a week ago

For all Shopify merchants.

The LoyaltyLion SDK can now be initialised via Shopify App Embeds. This enhancement not only simplifies the integration process but also ensures a more standardized and efficient approach to loading our SDK within the Shopify ecosystem. We believe that this change will greatly benefit our merchant community by simplifying their workflow and reducing potential integration issues.

For many of our existing merchants, you will have been seamlessly migrated over and notified of the change, but if you are unsure whether you have already been migrated, please contact us at

Existing customers

For merchants who have customised various parts of our services (edited the loyaltylion.liquid file or LoyaltyLion snippet in your theme.liquid or checkout.liquid files) you can manually enable the SDK via Shopify App Embeds at your leisure. The SDK will now be initialised and managed via the Theme Editor offering the following benefits:

  • Simpler user experience for enabling and managing the LoyaltyLion SDK

  • No need to edit your Shopify Theme code

  • Compliant with changes Shopify is making in the longer term

  • Uniform way of managing your theme apps

Here are the steps you should follow to enable the SDK via Shopify App Embeds:

  1. Login to Shopify: In your Shopify Admin, you’ll want to click on your Online Store.

  2. Customise Your Theme: You’ll then want to click “Customize”

  3. App Embed: On the left-hand navigation, you’ll want to click on App Embeds

  4. Enable the LoyaltyLion SDK: Now you just need to flick the toggle from off to on

  5. Hit save: Finally, hit the save button in the top right and you’re all done!

❗ Don’t forget to hit save! Otherwise, your customers will not be able to use your program!

6. You can now remove the reference to LoyaltyLion from your Shopify theme.liquid file, which will look like this: {% include "loyaltylion" %}

New merchants

As part of the onboarding experience, you will have enabled the LoyaltyLion SDK via Shopify App Embeds. If the app becomes disabled, you will receive a notification and can follow the steps above to re-enable it.


I've made customisations to the loyaltylion.liquid file and how it initialises within my theme.liquid file. How does this impact me?

It doesn't. If you've made any changes to your loyaltylion.liquid file or the snippet in the theme.liquid file we will not have migrated you. You can migrate to App Embeds when you choose.

❗ Please note, if you have made advanced customisations, such as restricting which pages the LoyaltyLion SDK initialises on your store, then enabling the SDK via App Embeds will override these settings.

What happens to the old loyaltylion.liquid file and snippet in my theme editor?

If you were automatically migrated, then this will have be been programmatically removed. If you have not been migrated, you can either leave the line of code where it is, or you can remove it once the LoyaltyLion SDK in App Embeds has been enabled.

How does this impact some of my existing features?

Shopify is deprecating the checkout.liquid theme file in August 2024, meaning that going forward our Enhanced notifications will need to be supported by Additional Scrips and our Redeem at checkout reward type will only be available to those using Checkout Extensibility.

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