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Use your dashboard to improve your loyalty program
Use your dashboard to improve your loyalty program
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Your LoyaltyLion dashboard provides you with useful analytics of your customer's data. You can then use this data to increase long-term customer engagement. 

UPDATE: You can now customise your date range for reporting.
Our new custom date picker allows you to select a custom date range when viewing your data and analytics.

New program members

Solution - Analyse your graph
You can adjust the time period displayed within the graph. 

Is there a dip in your graph? Why not use activity rule "refer a friend" to encourage program members to refer their friends.

TIP: Check out the article on ways to optimize your referral strategy.

Points earned/points spent 

Solution - Compare your figures
If you find that points spent are low compared to your points earned please check your settings and point values: are your rewards too hard to achieve? 

TIP: To decide the value of your points please see the section “choosing the value of your points” and “how much each point is worth”

Solution - Email your customers
Email your customers and remind them about points in their accounts. 

  • By using LoyaltyLion Emails you can set up automatic emails to send to your current customers which will pull the data from your customer's account

  • If you are using your own ESP, you can synchronise LoyaltyLion's customer data with MailChimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot, and Dotdigital through merge fields

  • Manually export your members and individually email them. To export your members go to Members>Export (top right).

TIP: Rewrite your loyalty program emails to drive better customer engagement, see how to do that here.

Solution - Expiry Points
Set up the points expiry feature, this will encourage your customers to claim rewards and remain an active customer

TIP: LoyaltyLion emails allow you to send a point expiry email to your customers

Activities completed

Solution - Promotional Campaigns
If you can see a sudden dip in your graph check your individual activity rule statistics. You can do this by going to manage>activity rule>view rules. Here you can see how many times each activity rule has been triggered. You can then analyse where customers are lacking in engagement and create a campaign to promote these activities and/or check if you are giving enough points for these activities.

  • Facebook Campaign 

  • Email Campaign 

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Website banner

  • Create a loyalty program landing page

TIP: For more ways to promote your loyalty program see here

Loyalty purchases

Solution - Analyse the past to improve the future
Change the timeline to ‘all time’ to analyse what months had a drop in purchases. You can then look into why this may have occurred for example post-Christmas. You can then create a special campaign to improve this for the following year such as a double points week after Christmas.

TIP: See the section “how do I give double points?”

CPC and CPA 

Solution - Use ‘real’ numbers
By inputting your ‘real’ number from advertising we will automatically calculate how much you have saved using the refer a friend feature. This will be extremely helpful when reporting to see the ROI.

Most active customers

Solution - Reward your Loyal Customers
Reward your most loyal customers by giving them some extra points. LoyaltyLion allows you to manually give customers points and provide them with a reason why, for example “thank you for remaining a loyal customer here is 500 points”. To do this, go to your loyalty dashboard members>search customer>give points>give the reason why.

TIP: Make sure you drop them an email letting them know that you have given them some extra points

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