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Maximise the benefits of your loyalty program
Maximise the benefits of your loyalty program
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You’re probably wondering:

  • Have I set up everything correctly?

  • What can I improve?

  • Do you have any tips and hints on increasing engagement? 

Here are the steps you should follow to health check your LoyaltyLion program:

Are your rewards achievable?

Check how many points you’ve set for the lowest reward.
Go to member section and refine by the number of points and:

  • If only a small % of members have enough points for the lowest reward, we would strongly advise to lower the number of points for rewards or increase the number of points for make a purchase rule 

  • If a lot of customers have enough points for a reward, you need to remind them about the points waiting in their accounts. Use your email integration to send an email or if this is not available, email your members manually 


Invite guest customers to create accounts on your store

Did you know that only customers with accounts on your store get enrolled in the loyalty program? Encourage your guests to go back to your store to sign up in order to enrol to your rewards program. Remember to set reward historic purchases so your guest customers can get points for their past purchase.  


Have you turned on your LoyaltyLion emails?

This feature will make sure your customers know that they have rewards available - making them come back to your store to use it with their next purchase! The loyalty emails are fully customisable in order for you to match your branding. 

Reward available email is key to the success of your loyalty program - this email is triggered as soon as your customer has enough points to be able to claim a reward and it will encourage the customer back to your store to repeat purchase with you in order to use the voucher code.

Click here to enable your emails.


Make sure the reward is available after the initial purchase

It is crucial to set up your loyalty program so customers earn a reward after their first purchase. LoyaltyLion helps you secure this customer with a second purchase - let me show you how to achieve that:  

Step 1: Look at your Average Basket Size
(e.g. $60)  

Step 2: Calculate how many points a customer will for making a purchase
(e.g.$60 x 5points = 300 points if make a purchase rule 5 points/ $1)  

Step 3: Set up account creation points to give away enough points to get the customer to their first reward
(In this example, our first reward is available at 500 points and we know that the customer will earn 300 points on their purchase. So we want to give the remainder 200 points for account creation.

Step 4: Account creation points + first purchase points = reward available
(e.g. 200 points + 300 points = 500 points = $5 off)

Step 5: LoyaltyLion sends automated reward available email reminder  


How are your referrals?   

Have you thought about running a 'refer-a-friend' campaign using your email platform? We'd recommend sending the unique referral link to all your members inviting them to share it with their friends - offering double points promotion for referring a friend!

Also, read our article here on improving referrals with these 5 tips.


Become an expert in loyalty

Did you know we have LoyaltyLion Academy? Our collection of resources will help you fine tune your skills in loyalty strategy, data and analytics and customer retention and engagement. You can access our exclusive loyalty tutorials and become the go-to loyalty expert in your business.


Follow our best practices and tips

Have you had a chance to look at our best practices’ documentation? Click here to get some ideas on setting a successful loyalty program! 🎉

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