Welcome and thank you for switching to LoyaltyLion - we surely won't disappoint you!

You've decided to switch to LoyaltyLion and you want your customers to keep their points when you migrate your program to LoyaltyLion?
 No need to worry - we can help you do that! We can import your customers and their points into LoyaltyLion - it will be a smooth migration for your customers and an easy process for you.

 Migration process:

1. Install LoyaltyLion
2. Follow the setup process
3. Import customers and their points to LL (instructions below)

All we would need is an excel file with the below information to be sent to support@loyaltylion.com:
    Column A: Customer IDs (does not apply to Shopify stores)
    Column B: Emails - list your existing customers' email addresses
    Column C: Points - list the total points each customer should be imported with  

Column D: Enrolled - true for enrolled customers, false for guest customers

4. Check all your settings
5. Ready to launch? Click the Launch button in the top right corner
6. Your customer loyalty has now started increasing!

Common questions

Can I import my customers' spend or past order history?
 We can import customers' emails, points and tiers. Unfortunately, we can't import customers' historic orders. LoyaltyLion will start tracking your customers' order history once you launch the program.

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