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Choosing the value of your points

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Activity Rules determine when your customers are awarded points. When they perform an activity which matches one of your activity rules, they'll be awarded points based on the value of the Activity Rule. Certain rules can be limited so they will only award points once every day, week, month or year.

To see different activity rules available within each plan please see our pricing page to compare features.

Choosing the value of your points

You have the option to choose how many points it costs for your customers to redeem their points for rewards to use at your store. When deciding how much each discount should cost in points, you need to keep in mind how many points customers earn for each purchase.

For example, if you have set your 'Make a purchase rule' to give 5 points per every $1 spent, this means that after they've spent $100, they'll have 500 points (Your customers can earn points from the other "activities" also, however, the majority of their points will be earned from purchases).

When setting up the rewards, you decide the 'cost' of each reward (how many points are required to claim the reward). 

Using the above example, if a customer has spent $100 they would have received 500 points, If you'd like to give 5% back to your customers through the loyalty program you could set up a 'money off' reward where a customer who spent $100 would be able to exchange their 500 points for a $5 reward discount code. In the 'create a reward' you would select 'Money off' type > enter $5 for the amount to give then enter 500 points in the cost to redeem.

  • We recommend giving a maximum of 5% back. 

Set up calculation example:

If customer spends $100 they get $5 off voucher = (5/100)*100 = 5%
(they get 5% back with every purchase)

You can use that calculation for the other rewards.


Common Questions :

 I want to adjust the points system, can you assist us?
You can change the number of points given for purchases by going to the "Make a purchase" activity rule.

!! Never change the points needed for an existing voucher, If you want a different amount then delete the existing one and create a new one.

How do I give double points?
 If you would like to give double points - for a weekend offer for example: Go into your merchant account for LoyaltyLion - find the rule and amend the number of points to double the normal amount (remember to change these back after the required time). To promote this you could add a banner to your store template - 'double points weekend' or use your ESP integration to email your customers.

Do activities count when they are performed on a mobile?
 Yes, customers will still get points for signing up and placing orders on the mobile site but they won't be notified unless they are on the desktop site.

How are rule limits decreased?

A rule limit is a reward cap amount you can use to only reward points X times-per-day/week/month/year. This defines the time period in which a customer can re-trigger a rule after they have reached the limit.

The rule limits are calculated as a calendar interval. That means that if you set the rule limit to only give points once per month if a customer completes the rule on June 30th they can re-trigger the rule again on July 1st. They will get the points both times but they would then need to wait until August 1st to be able to complete the activity again.

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