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Please note that advanced customisation of your loyalty program
is available on Classic Plan and above.
If you are on a Free or Small Business Plan please click the button below to learn more about your customisation options:

Need help customizing your program? Hire an expert here!

Loyalty panel 

Make sure you customise your loyalty program to match your stores brand! You can see how to customise your loyalty panel by going to ‘customising the loyalty program’.

Simple customisation - you can change the colours of your loyalty panel and widget to match your brand colours. 

Example: Dr.Kellyann have perfectly matched their loyalty panel and widget to their brand colour

Tip: If you have a chat widget available on your website, make sure your widget isn’t located in the same area.

Advanced customisation - the simplest LoyaltyLion UI uses our combined Loyalty Panel component which can be embedded onto a page or opened as a modal on demand. If you need something more customised, we have many smaller components which can be used to construct your own interface.

Example: Harney & Sons have perfectly integrated their loyalty program onto a page

 Example: Beauty Bakerie have done a great job at using our SDK 

Tip: Use LoyaltyLions’ SDK components to help further customise your loyalty program


LoyaltyLion is available in 7 different languages! You can also customise any text appearing in the program which means you can translate it in any language you would like!

Simple customisation - You can choose from Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish

Example: Soy Macho have translated their loyalty program into Spanish using one of LoyaltyLions available languages 

Tip: see ‘changing the language in LoyaltyLion’ to help get this set up

Advanced customisation - You can convert any text within your loyalty program to make it match your stores brand

Example: Bakedin has changed their text to match their brand, doesn't it look great! 

Example: Miss Windy Shop customised their loyalty program to be in Finnish 

Tip: Make sure you read all the instructions before editing the text


LoyaltyLion provides you with emails that are sent out to your customers automatically to make sure they know how many points and rewards are available specifically to them. You are able to customise each email to match your stores brand!

Example: Email without customisation: use our default template, only change colours and add your store's logo - all done!

Example: Emails with customisation: use our custom template to create on-brand design like Beauty Bakerie's 'Welcome to the loyalty program email'



LoyaltyLion provides you with notifications that you can choose to enable on your store. These notifications can be used to let your customers know about your loyalty program. You can even customise these notifications!  

Simple Customisation: change the colours of the notifications here (the same as the widget) and notifications text here

Example: RBX uses LoyaltyLion notifications to provide a summary of what the loyalty program offers 

Advanced Customisation - use the CSS editor here to change the font notifications text here

Example: Sans [ceuticals] have customised their notification to match their brand  

Tip: Make it short and catchy!

Please see LoyaltyLion Plans to see what features are available on your plan.

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