Welcome to LoyaltyLion - we're so happy to have you with us 🎉🦁

Our app consists of six tabs - once you learn what is included in each and how to use the features, you will be able to maximise your benefits! Follow these six steps to get your loyalty program up and running in no time.

In this article:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Analytics

  3. Insights

  4. Customers

  5. Emails

  6. Manage

  • Free Plan will also have an  Enhance LoyaltyLion tab

Setting up and learning your way around LoyaltyLion is easy as pie! Depending on how customised you'd like your program to be - the basic plan set up is no longer than five minutes. Give yourself another five to understand all the terms and features and you will be navigating like a pro. Ready? 

1. Dashboard: an overview of the loyalty program

Here you can see how LoyaltyLion is increasing your revenue, customer acquisition and engagement.

New sign-ups: customers who created an account at your store
Points earned/spent: If you find that points spent is low compared to your points earned: - check your settings and point values: are your rewards too hard to achieve?- email your members - remind them about points in their accounts  
Activities completed: Engagement indicator
Loyalty purchases: refers to revenue from purchases made with loyalty program vouchers. It's the net gain from those purchases. It's also the main indicator of engagement: shows that customers are using the vouchers/rewards that you generate. For example, if the customer spends $100 and uses a $20 discount reward, the revenue will be $80.

The value of Loyalty purchases includes all costs such as shipping, tax and refunds.


You can customise your date range for reporting.

Our custom date picker allows you to select a custom date range when viewing your data and analytics.

Referral results
Where we calculate the money generated through the referral program

Do you know your CPC and CPA? Go to your Settings and input your average CPC and CPA and LoyaltyLion will calculate the money you've saved through Referrals.

The CPC and CPA are used by LoyaltyLion to calculate the return on investment of the referral program.

Saved CPC = Cost per Click. Refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. This figure will tell you how much will you save with the referral program.

The referrals program generates visits to your site which are separate from the standard SEO and CPC marketing, therefore LoyaltyLion can attribute a saving in CPC based on the rate of visits coming from referrals.

Saved CPA = Cost per Acquisition. Where the advertiser pays for a customer acquisition - for  example , a sale, click, or form submit (e.g. contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.)

Similarly the referrals program is a separate stream for acquiring new customers which is distinct from existing marketing activities so LoyaltyLion can partially attribute the cost-savings in CPA to the referral program.  

Got it all? Let's move on! 🦁

2. Analytics

This tab is divided into two sections: Orders and Referrals.

2.1 Orders

Here you can track all the orders your store has placed as well as revenue, average basket size and points provided. You can use this data for your future strategies and marketing campaigns.

Revenue figure: Total revenue from all orders including guests purchases.

Step 1: Look at your Average Basket Size
        (e.g. $50)
Step 2: Calculate how many points a customer will get after making this purchase
        (e.g.  $50 x 5points = 250 points if make a purchase rule $1 = 5 points)
Step 3: Set up account creation points to give away enough points to get a customer at least 50% of the way to their first reward
        (e.g. 250 points if first reward is $5 off = 500 points)
Step 4: Account creation points + first purchase points = reward
        (e.g. 250 points + 250 points = 500 points = $5 off)

2.2 Referrals: engage and acquire

Referrals are a successful way to gain new customers while keeping your existing customers engaged

Here is what the tab looks like:

Here you can track:

  • Visits from referrals: number of new visits to your store through LoyaltyLion referrals New customers: number of new customers 

  • Revenue from referrals: revenue that these customers brought to your store Who's referring Who loves your brand? Reach out and thank for being a great brand advocate! 

  • New visits: how many people clicked on the referral link

  • New customers: customers who were successfully referred (made a purchase)

  • Extra revenue: how much revenue referred friends brought  

  • Where are  the referrals from? Facebook | Twitter | Direct | Email Indicates the most successful platform for referring - that’s where your next marketing campaign should be!

In the top right corner of the Referral Tab, you can request an export file of all successful referrals, that includes:

  • Referrer's email address and ID

  • Referee's email address

  • Order number

  • Voucher code used

SuccessTip: Reach out to customers who refer a lot of friends - say a little thank you for being great brand advocates! Give them points manually - show them your loyalty! 


Free Plan: Get 'Refer a Friend' activity rule enhancement

3. Insights

You can download our Insights app for free!

This section will provide you with key data on your most loyal customers, those customers you are at risk of losing and those you need to win back. 

You can find your insights section by navigating to Dashboard > Insights.

The insights are calculated based on your store's metrics like AOV and repeat-purchase rates.

Members refers to customers that have placed an order over the past twelve months.

Non-members refers to guest customers that have placed an order with your store over the past twelve months.

You can find the Loyal, At-risk, and Win back segments to the right of the Insights section:

Loyal customers are defined as those that purchase a lot and often, and are in the top 40% of customers who do so.

At-risk customers don't follow the usual spending trends of customers at your store (eg. If your customers usually purchase once every two months, a customer not purchasing anything for five months is a cause for concern).

Win Back customers are considered lost customers (eg. If your customers usually purchase once every two months, a customer who hasn't purchased in eleven months would be considered lost).

SuccessTip: Export data under each section to create targeted campaigns - send a gift to your most loyal customers, give an extra discount to customers at risk and a reminder about your existence to customers you want to win back!

Please note that your loyalty program will need to be running for a couple of months before you see any data here to give us time to collate accurate data. 

4. Customers

This section is where you can view and interact with all your customers. You can add some extra points manually to say thank you to your most loyal members or sorry for late delivery.

Main tab:

Individual customer tab:

You will be able to track every activity a customer has completed. You also have the option to:

  • Change tiers (forever or for a set period)

  • Give points

  • Remove points

  • Block

  • Add/Change birthday date

Click here to learn how to use the features in the Customer's tab

5. Emails 

Loyalty Emails play a key role in making sure your customers come back - LoyaltyLion reminds them about points waiting to be redeemed. Our loyalty emails have an average click-through rate of 35%. 

The loyalty emails are fully customisable in order for you to design them to match your store branding - this is key to ensure your customers recognise the emails as part of your store and to keep your customers engaged with your loyalty program.

What emails do we send?

  • Welcome to the loyalty program

  • Reward available email

  • Monthly reward reminder email

  • Points expiry

  • Reviewer to Referrer

Click here to find out more how to set up and customise LoyaltyLion emails

Free Plan: Get 'Emails' enhancement

You are almost there! One step to go

6. Manage

This is where it all comes together! In this section, you can manage most of LoyaltyLion's features. Click on a section to find out more about how to configure it:

*Enhance LoyaltyLion: free plan only

If you're on a free plan, you can add paid features by going to your admin page and clicking on the Enhance LoyaltyLion tab.

Well done! You are now a LoyaltyLion PRO 🎉 

If you have any questions, need advice or just want to say hello, reach out to support@loyaltylion.com - we’re there for you!

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