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How to set up LoyaltyLion Flows
How to set up LoyaltyLion Flows

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up your LoyaltyLion Flow and configuring it to meet your specific goals.

Written by Vicky Vitkay
Updated over a week ago

LoyaltyLion Flows are available to Shopify merchants, who have a Klaviyo integration installed.

Plus plan: Full access as standard

Advanced plan: Preview mode, with option to purchase full feature as an add-on

If you would like this feature, please check the pricing page and

Flows increases the impact and ROI of your program by delivering unique loyalty experiences in response to shopper actions and behaviors.

Before turning on your Flow, make sure your marketing email is ready. Read our Klaviyo integration guide.

Creating a Flow from one of our pre-built templates

  1. To create a new flow, click the Flows tab in your account's main navigation, and then select one of the available templates at the top of the page.

    Our templates provide a few flows based on your particular marketing goals, and more are coming soon.

  2. Once you have chosen which goal-based flow you want to set up, simply click the tile, and confirm you want to Use Flow in the confirmation modal to create the flow.

  3. Your flow will be named from the template you've chosen, but you can rename it at any time. The name of your flow should be easily understood by you and your team β€” as you start to use and create more flows, the number of flows can add up quickly and clear naming conventions will help you stay organized.

Customizing your flow

During Flows Beta, you can edit the values inside existing blocks in a flow, but you can't drag around or remove blocks from a flow at this time.

Understanding flow blocks

Flow blocks come in 3 types:

  • Logic: These blocks control how a customer moves through the flow.

    • Conditional splits can be used to branch your flow into multiple paths based on specific criteria, such as an action a customer has taken, or other information related to the person currently in the flow.

    • Wait for blocks wait for an event to trigger within a time frame that you set. For example, "Wait 30 days for customer to place an order." If the customer doesn't make a purchase during those 30 days, they will exit the flow.

    • Time delay blocks in a flow represents a scheduled pause or waiting period. This block allows you to define a specific amount of time before a customer journey moves to the next block.

  • Incentives: Incentives are what a customer can receive at the end of a flow. We currently can only give Points as a reward.

  • Notify: These blocks help you communicate with your customers during the journey, such as sending marketing emails. At this time, we're supporting an integration with Klaviyo emails with an aim to add a wider range of app integrations in the future.


Click on the Trigger block to edit:

  • The event's conditions (for example, you can change the order amount)

  • The event's filters (for example you can target 1st to 2nd purchase or a specific tier)


Before switching on your flow, you need to configure the Email block. See Flows - Klaviyo Integration Setup.

Turning on your flow

Once you have configured each block, and turned on your Klaviyo email flow, you are now ready to turn on your Loyalty Flow!

Important! Configure emails in your ESP before turning on your LoyaltyLion Flow to prevent extra points being awarded before your flow is ready.

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