In this article you will find all the different members managing functions within LoyaltyLion:

Customers tab

The Customers tab is where you can see your members in the loyalty program. You can search for individual customers using their name, ID or email.

As an example, here's what will work when trying to search by name for a customer called "John Smith":

- john
- smith
- john smith
- john s

Here's what won't work:

- smith, john
- j smith
- jon

Once you select a customer, on their profile you will be able to see:

  • Current points

  • Activities completed

  • Rewards claimed

  • Total revenue

  • History

  • Orders

  • Rewards

  • *Also 'Tier' if you've set it up

Give points manually

You can manually give points to individual customers - here are the steps:

  1. Go to Customers tab

  2. Find the customer

  3. Click Actions button in the top right corner

  4. On the drop down menu find Give points

  5. State how many points

  6. Write a reason that will be visible to your customer

*The member will be able to claim these points immediately*

You can give points manually for:

  • reviews on other platforms

  • past purchases

  • thank you gift (for being a loyal customer!)

  • complaint e.g. delayed delivery

See screenshots below:

Made a mistake? Click the "remove" button alongside the entry. This will immediately remove the points.

Q. Can I give points to a large number of customers at the same time?
 If you wish to add points to more than one customer we can do it for you! All we would need is an excel file with the below information:

Column A: customer ID
Column B: emails - list your existing customers' email addresses
Column C: points: list the total points each customer should be imported with
Column D: enrolled - true/false

*[Shopify only] Please send us only columns B and C , we can find the rest of the informations for you on our end

Deduct points manually

You can manually deduct points to individual customers - here are the steps:

  1. Go to "Customers" tab

  2. Find the customer

  3. Click Actions button in the top right corner

  4. On the drop down menu find Remove points

  5. State how many points 

  6. Write a reason that will be visible to your customer

Please remember that for cancelled and refunded orders - the points are automatically removed through LL so you do not need to manually adjust these. You can read about it here "Refunds and returns on purchased products"

*If you do feel a customer has not had their points deducted correctly or you want to deduct points from a larger group of customer, please email us at and we can look into this for you.

Block a member

You can block customers from the loyalty program:

  1. Go to Customers tab

  2. Find the customer

  3. Click Actions button in the top right corner

  4. Click Block

A blocked customer will no longer earn new points and will not be able to use any points they have earned.

If you're using our Integrated Loyalty Panel, customers will still have access to it, however, they won't be able to claim any rewards, and any new points for completed activities will not be added.

This is usually used to block wholesalers.

Change tier

You can manually move a customer up or down the tier.

  1. Go to Customers tab

  2. Find the customer

  3. Click the Actions button in the top right corner

  4. Click Change tier

  5. Chose the tier

  6. Duration: choose how long the customer will stay in that tier. After it expires, we will move the shopper into the tier based on their last 12 months spend.

You can move chosen customers up the tier for many reasons! It can be either for a campaign, surveys they've completed, reviews they gave you on different platforms, the number of referred friends - reward them for being a loyal customer or even a brand ambassador!

Customer Tooltip

You can now use the Customer Tooltip to display the details of a customer’s order.

By hovering over the order in the customer page, the tooltip allows you to see a breakdown of the points provided for the order. This improvement allows you to understand why an order earned the points it did.

The customer tooltip will display:

  • Total order value

  • Shipping (if applicable)

  • Gift card payment (if applicable)

  • Excluded collection (if applicable)

  • Eligible points

  • Make a purchase rule value at the time of purchase

  • Tier (if applicable)

Merge two customer accounts

If your customer has two accounts with two different emails, you can "merge" the customers by removing all the points from one customer and adding them to the other version. 

If the other customer continues to receive points, simply block that customer. This will stop the actual customer accidentally signing in to the wrong account.

Delete member

For those using the Shopify platform, you can locate the member in question and select the "erase personal data" option (GDPR request on Shopify). This will also delete them from LoyaltyLion.

We can’t delete the customers from LoyaltyLion as they were created on your platform. We don’t have our own customer accounts, and pull customers accounts into our system from your platform. So as soon as a customer creates an account on your platform, we will add them to LoyaltyLion.

Q. I have a lot of SPAM customer accounts, can you delete them for me?
 If you are getting a lot of spam registration, we would advise reaching out to your e-commerce platform account manager to see if there is anything that they can do (i.e. setting up a captcha upon signing up) as the accounts were created on their platform.

Updating customers details

If the customer details change, LL will update our records automatically as we will get a notification from your store.

Normally this should only take a few seconds, however, it will depend on how quickly your store sends us the message.

Q. [Shopify] How can I reset my customer's password?
 You can reset a customer's password in your Shopify admin - there's a guide for that here.

Customer history

a) Rewards used

You can see what rewards have been claimed by individual customers in their tab at the bottom of the page. Also, to see who has claimed and used the voucher, go to your rewards page > click "manage voucher codes" on the reward > click "existing codes".

b) Cancelled orders and refunds

Orders can normally be cancelled and refunded separately.

A cancelled order looks like this:

Its "state" is "declined" - the points are still visible, but not added to the customer's point total.

A fully refunded order which isn't cancelled looks like this:

Once the order is fully refunded, the applicable spend is 0 - so they earn 0 points for the order.

A partial refund works the same way - the points are reduced to match the amount that the customer has actually spent (after refunds).

c) Approved points

Approved points are points which have been rewarded & ready to be used (eg. once the purchase is complete & past the date for returns)

d) Pending points

To avoid customers abusing the program we have designed a ‘pending points’ feature which prevents your customers from using their points to collect a reward then returning the item.

Pending points are points which the customer has been rewarded but cannot access immediately. The waiting time is intended to make sure your customers don't return or cancel their order before we allow them to spend their points.

To edit the number of days needed to approve points go your LoyaltyLion account:

  1. Go to Manage

  2. Click View rules

  3. Click on Edit next to the Make a Purchase rule 

  4. Enter the desired number of days next to Approval period

Changing all customers' points

If you want to change all your customers' points (eg. divide all their points by two) we strongly advise against it. A better alternative in this scenario would be to double the cost of rewards.

The three key reasons for this are:

  • Your customers will log in and see a drop in their points. You will almost certainly experience complaints from concerned customers asking where their points have gone.

  • Behavioural economics has shown that higher numbers of points motivate customers more than lower amounts even if the reward they achieve is the same so by adjusting your program you may make it less successful.

  • If you change the cost of the rewards instead of the customers' point balance you will achieve the same result immediately.

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