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Klaviyo - Advanced Loyalty Flows
Klaviyo - Advanced Loyalty Flows

Advanced flows you can create in Klaviyo, using LoyaltyLion metric triggers

Written by Jason Leader
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The flows shown in this article are only available on the LoyaltyLion Plus Plan or with the Klaviyo Events add on.
All examples of Flows shown in this article are made with a Shopify Plus - Klaviyo - LoyaltyLion Plus set up.

This is not an complete list of all the emails you will need, but rather the emails that can be directly set up from the LoyaltyLion Klaviyo integration

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Reward Reminders

Reward reminders are a good way of bringing customers back after they have made a purchase by letting them know their points value goes over the threshold for a reward. With this flow, you will need to know the boundaries of your rewards in order to add the correct conditional splits.

By splitting the flow, you can change the email content for each email sent. For example, if a customer has enough points for a $5 voucher, the email content suggesting items to buy could be appropriate for the $5 discount. You can then follow this for $10, $15 etc.

To start this flow, use the Metric trigger, LoyaltyLion - Reward Available.

Flow Example:

You can exchange the points 'greater than' and 'less than' to match the reward boundaries you have set up in your program.

Note: This metric is only sent if the customer has access to eligible rewards.
This means:

  • The reward must be available for the customer's current tier, if any;

  • The customer must have sufficient points to afford the reward;

  • The reward must be one of

    • A flat money-off reward, excluding "redeem at checkout" rewards

    • A product discount voucher

    • A gift card reward

    • A custom reward

  • Rewards that aren't eligible include:

    • "buy with points" product rewards

    • "redeem at checkout" rewards

    • subscription rewards

Referral Complete

The Referral Complete metric trigger is a great way to add a personal touch, and thank a customer for bringing you new business. This will help encourage future referrals as well.
The Referral Complete will only trigger once the referred customer has made a qualifying purchase and after the Approval Period in the Refer a Friend rule has elapsed.

To start this flow, use the Metric Trigger, LoyaltyLion - Referral Complete:

Flow Example:

Tip: Make sure to include the 'referral_url' property in the email content attached to this flow. This will allow your customers to easily find their unique referral url, so they can refer their friends faster and more often.

Approaching Tier Upgrade

This will trigger when a customer comes within 10% of going up a tier, encouraging them to come back and make an additional purchase to make it over the threshold.
The 10% is determined by your tier boundaries, so if your boundary was $100 spent, once a customer has spent at least $90, this email flow would trigger. This is also the case with points based tiers.

To start this flow, use the Metric Trigger, LoyaltyLion - Approaching Tier Upgrade.

Flow Example:

In the email content, you can also reference how much a customer needs to spend, or how many points the customer needs to earn, to get into the next tier.
You can do this by adding the variable 'Points/Spend required to Upgrade'. The wording will depend on if you have points or spend-based tiers on your LoyaltyLion program.

In the above picture, using spend based tiers, you would write the line as:

You only need to earn {{ event|lookup:'Points Required to Upgrade'}} more points to upgrade tier! 

If you are using spend based tiers, you will need to add some extra code. As we do not send over currency, everything comes as a standard integer. To convert to currency, you will need to write:

You only need to spend ${{ event|lookup:'Spend Required to Upgrade'|divide:100 }} more to upgrade tier!

Make sure you add the currency symbol before the variable, and add |divide:100 to reduce the points to currency.

Tier Upgrade/Downgrade

Using Metric Triggers, there are separate options for Tier Upgrade and Tier Downgrade. Therefore, you can tell in which direction a customer is traveling and change the content of the email you are sending to sound more appropriate: If they are going up, you can congratulate them and let them know all the new benefits they will receive. If they have gone down, you can tell them how they can go back to their old tier.

To start this flow, use the Metric Trigger, LoyaltyLion - Tier Upgrade OR LoyaltyLion - Tier Downgrade.

Flow Example (Upgrade):

​In the templates for both the Upgrade and Downgrade flows, you can also include the date the customer will have their tier placement evaluated:

You would need to add the code:

{{event.extra.customer.loyalty_tier_membership.expires_at|format_date_string | format_date_string|date:'d F o'  }}

Points Expiry Reminder

LoyaltyLion points will automatically expire points after a consecutive period of inactivity on your site. The default period which can be found in your LoyaltyLion settings is 12 months. After this period of consecutive period of inactivity, all approved points in the customers balance will be expired.

Using the LoyaltyLion - Points Will Expire Soon Metric Trigger, you trigger a Flow to notify a customer that their points balance will soon expire. The Event will be pushed 14 days before the expiration date, this is the default setting and can be changed in the LoyaltyLion settings.

To start the Flow, use the LoyaltyLion - Points Will Expire Soon Metric Trigger.

Example Flow:

In your template, you can include the specific date that the customer will have their points expire:

You can do this by adding in this code to the email content:

{{ event|lookup:'Expire Points At'|format_date_string }}
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