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Use activity rules to improve customer engagement
Use activity rules to improve customer engagement
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Refer a friend

Not only do referrals increase customer engagement but they are a great way to increase customer acquisition. Referrals allow you to thank the current customer with additional points. New customers will then get a discount voucher or free shipping to use on your store. It is a great way to gain new customers while keeping your existing customers engaged! 

Tip: Research states that people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend

Reward birthdays

Provide your customers with extra points to make their birthday even more special! We recommend emailing your customers wishing them happy birthday with a ‘call to action’ to use their points.

As a store, you can choose whether to give your customers enough points to claim a reward on their birthday. Or maybe enough points to claim one of your free product vouchers!

Tip: Customers have disposable income on their Birthday! Using a reward incentivises them to your store, once here, they'll be more inclined to spend!

Social media following

These rules are a good way to increase your store's social awareness and offer your customers additional ways to engage with your loyalty program. Increased social presence will make your brand more trustworthy leading to attracting new customers!

Tip: Use your social channels to let customers know about your loyalty program such as available rewards

Newsletter signup

Incentivise your customers to sign up to your newsletter. By doing this you will be able to provide your customers with updates on your latest products and offers!

Tip: This is a great way to improve communication with your current customers and let them know about activities and rewards


Reviews are a great way to influence future purchases. Research states that 60-70% of transactions made online are influenced through reviews.

Tip: By using this activity rule your products will have an increased credibility within your customer base. This is proven to help boost purchases

Bonus points for purchases

This rule is a great way to promote new items in stock or to encourage purchases on items that are not selling well. You can customise how many more points a customer will earn by purchasing from a specific collection on your store. 

Tip: Make sure you make customers aware that this offer available to increase customer activity 

Any on-site activity: custom rule

Create your own special rule!

LoyaltyLion provides you with access to our API. This enables you to create a rule to give points for any activity on your site. Custom rules require integration with LoyaltyLion's API. It's your responsibility to track relevant activities to LoyaltyLion when they happen.

Tip: Remember, this can be ANYTHING you want as long as you can track the activity!

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