This enables you to create a rule to give points for any activity on your site.

Custom rules require integration with LoyaltyLion's API and it is your responsibility to track relevant activities to LoyaltyLion when they happen.

Here is the relevant document which will help your development team to set this custom rule up.

How are custom rules triggered?

1. Using our API

Custom rules can be triggered using our API, which is the preferred method if your store has in-house developers. For example, if you had a t-shirts store where people can upload their own designs, you could use the API to trigger a custom rule whenever someone uploads a design.

Developer documentation for using the API for this can be found here: are currently our biggest user of custom rules, and they are all triggered via the API.

2. Manually, in the LoyaltyLion merchant account

When viewing a member's page in the merchant account, you can manually trigger any custom rule for using the interface. This is ideal for smaller stores who don't have the capability to use the API.

Watch the video below to see how to set up a custom rule where points are given manually:

What options are available for custom rules?

  • Title

  • Notification text (on site)

  • Description

  • Points awarded

  • A reward limit (e.g. once a day, twice a month, etc)

  • Approval method: Immediate or Trigger

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