You can offer your customers points for their birthday!

Customers will enter their date of birth in the "Earn Points" section of the panel. Once a year on that specific date, the customer will be awarded the points.

As a store, you can choose whether to give your customers enough points to claim a reward on their birthday (for example 500 points to give them a £5/$5 discount) or whether to give them a smaller amount of points to add to their points balance.

Common Questions:

Q. Can a customer change their birthday?
You have the ability to edit your customer's birthday through your merchant area screen. To make this change simply go to members, select the customer you wish to change and at the top right click actions > change birthday.

The 365-day cool-off period applies. This means that if your customer already received points within a year, they will not receive them again, after changing the date.

Read the instructions here.

Q. When customers receive points during their birthday? 

Customers will receive points around midnight UTC.

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