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Provide customers with the opportunity to make social impact with your rewards program

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The Verdn integration is available to Shopify merchants with a LoyaltyLion Small Business and above plan, and all Verdn plans. For more information on what is included in each LoyaltyLion plan, please see our pricing page.

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Why Verdn?

Verdn can increase customer engagement by up to 10x by effortlessly attaching environmental pledges to any product or service. Brands using Verdn have pledged to plant over 500,000 trees and recover over 200,000kg of ocean plastic.

This allows merchants to support world-leading NGOs, give back easily, and create an entirely new post-purchase loop.

Verdn has a fully transparent ethos, providing impact tracking to both the company and the end customer.

The benefits of integrating Verdn with LoyaltyLion

The integration will cater to your conscious consumers by giving them alternative ways to use their loyalty points against sustainable loyalty rewards.

This aligns loyalty programs with key environmental causes as part of a broader strategy, or an easy first step on a sustainability journey.

Businesses can expect to see more customer engagement in a positive context. The click-through rate of Verdn emails on environmental tracking is consistently over 20% (10x higher than email marketing benchmarks). Customers rate the content of the tracking dashboards at an average of 4.8/5 (February 2022)

How does the Verdn integration work?

Merchants create rewards that trigger various types of environmental and social impact.

Customers are actively engaged in sustainable practice when they redeem the points they earned via activity rules against impact rewards.

Some of the impact rewards available:

  • Ocean plastic cleanup

  • Tree planting

  • Coral planting

Verdn then sends them a dashboard where they can track updates about the progress of those impacts.

You can find Verdn in the Shopify app store here.

How to integrate Verdn with LoyaltyLion

Find your LoyaltyLion token and secret

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Navigate to "Manage"

  3. Find "Configuration" and select "Settings":

  4. Scroll down to find your personal Token and secret:

Integrate Verdn with LoyaltyLion

Please note that for LoyaltyLion to appear as an integration in Verdn, LoyaltyLion must first be installed as a Shopify app in your store

  1. Log in to Shopify

  2. Navigate to "Apps"

  3. Open Verdn impact and rewards

  4. From Dashboard, go to Account and find Loyalty Lion in the integrations section. Click "Configure".

  5. Enter your LoyaltyLion Token and Secret, then hit "Link" to save the changes

  6. Once completed, you'll be taken to the integration account section with an "Account linked" confirmation. You can then start creating your impact rewards!

How to create an impact reward with Verdn

Configure the impact reward in Shopify

  1. Log in to Shopify

  2. Navigate to "Apps"

  3. Open Verdn impact and rewards

  4. From Dashboard, go to Account and find Loyalty Lion in the integrations section. Click "Configure".

  5. Select "Create impact reward"

  6. Decide the impact type and amount to give and click "Next"

  7. To create the reward, configure the reward details in Verdn and hit "Create"

  8. Verdn then generates a modal including details of the setup instructions for the reward in LoyaltyLion. You should hold onto these details for the next step of setting up in LoyaltyLion:

Configure the impact reward in LoyaltyLion

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Navigate to the "Manage" tab

  3. Go to "Rewards", then "Create new reward"

  4. Select "Custom Reward"

  5. Copy the information from the setup form in Verdn to the custom reward details LoyaltyLion and hit "Create"

  6. After a few minutes, you should see the reward appear in the "Rewards" section of your loyalty program

  7. Customers can track the impact of redeeming the reward from their Verdn dashboard

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