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To see which plans include Loyalty Tiers, please see our pricing page. If you would like to add Loyalty Tiers to your account, please contact

Please note that this is a compilation of frequently asked questions on all our Loyalty tiers. If you would like to find out how to set up regular, conditional, hidden, or subscriber tiers, please reference the attached guides.

Tiers FAQ

Q. Can I change from Spend tiers to Points tiers?

Once you launch your tiers program, you can't make any changes. If you do want to completely close your current tiers program and go through the setup process again, please contact us at

Q. Which platforms can use tiers?

Tiers are not dependent on any platform-specific features, and so will work with all the platforms LoyaltyLion integrates with.

Q. How many tiers can a store have?

Between two and four.

Q. What customizations are available for tiers?

Each tier can be named and given a color. Additional customization can be done using the CSS editor. The availability and cost of rewards can be changed for each tier. This can be used to change the number of points provided by activities and can be edited for each tier.

Q. How does a shopper see what tier they are in?

The shopper's current tier is visible in the sidebar of the Loyalty Panel, and also on the Tiers overview component of the loyalty page. They will also see an on-site notification telling them when they have been upgraded into a new tier (we don't notify them if they are moved down a tier).

Q. How does a merchant see what tier a shopper is in?

A shopper's tier is shown on their customer page in LoyaltyLion along with the date their tier membership will expire. Find out more about the features of the customer page here.

Q. How do manual tiers work?

  1. Customers can be moved into tiers manually on each customer's page in the admin (find out how to do so). Customers moved into tiers manually will not change tiers again until their current membership is expired - they won't get upgraded based on spend or points like usual.

  2. Merchants can set the expiry date to either a date in the future (x months from now) or tick that the tier membership lasts forever (the tier membership will never expire).

Q. Are there any Loyalty Emails for tiers?

Nope. However, we push tier information to our mail integrations (Klaviyo, Dotdigital, etc), so a store will be able to use that information to personalize their emails or send emails to shoppers in a specific tier.

Q. Can the tiers be modified once they're launched?

The costs of rewards/points given for activities can be changed. The boundaries (what you need to spend to make it into a tier) can't be changed without deleting and re-creating the tiers. Contact if you want to rename or change the tier settings.

Q. Will guest shoppers be placed in tiers?

No, they will only be placed in a tier once they sign up. When they create an account we will look at the past 12 months prior spend count for tier eligibility (regardless if they were a guest at the time).

Q. What is the tier minimum purchase date?

Tiers' min purchase date (the date from which we include points/spend for tiers eligibility) is set when a merchant clicks the Launch tiers button, not after the program has finished processing.

Q. Is the approval period taken into account for the customer to move up/down the tier?

Moving up and down tiers does not take into account the approval period when your tiers are based on customer spent. As soon as the required spend is reached for a certain tier, a customer will be placed into that tier.

However, if your tiers are based on points the customer's points need to be approved first before the customer moves up/down the tier.

Q. Can I add more than four tiers?

We can't support adding more than four tiers at the moment. Our UI for the app and shopper view is designed to display up to four tiers (this includes elements like tier benefits too). Anything more than that could compromise how they appear.

As a result, we cannot support requests about adding more than four tiers. If this is something you'd like to see us develop in the future, please submit this as a feature request. We may increase the number of tiers in the future depending on demand from merchants.

Q. Do we overlook the tier a customer was imported into when it comes to them moving up? With the below set up, if a customer is placed in a Gold tier during an import, would they need to spend $1,000 or $2,000 to reach the Platinum tier?

Bronze: $0 - $499
Silver: $500 - $999
Gold: $1,000 - $1,999
Platinum: $2,000+

We don't overlook the tier imported customers are in. The tier evaluation happens according to the customer's total_revenue starting from the time they moved in the tier. If your customer was imported into the Gold tier and they spend $1,000, they will move into the Platinum tier (without the need to spend the limit of $2,000).

Q. Is it possible to update my tiers post-launch?

Yes! You will need to reach out to your CSM or our support team ( who will guide you through the options available to you.

Q. Why is the "Create an account" date and the "Join date" different between the customer history table and the loyalty tier membership?

When guest customers place an order, they are effectively "customers" but they are not enrolled in the program yet. For the purposes of tier tracking, guest customers are assigned to the default or lowest tier when they make a purchase at your store, but they are not actually placed in the tier until they have created an account.

This is so that when they do eventually make their account, the customer can be placed in the right tier retroactively with their previous spend at your store.

Once a customer enrolls in the program by making an account, if you have the create an account rule enabled this will appear in the history table, but it will show a later date than the tier section.

Q. When a customer moves up into a tier based on points accumulated, if they use those points to redeem and it drops below the threshold to the next tier are they downgraded to the tier below?

Any customer that spends the points they earned won't be downgraded a tier. This is because their tier status is calculated on points accumulated in the past year (or lifetime) rather than their points total - points spent :)

For example, if the threshold for Tier 3 is 2,000 points. If a user has 2,500 points and redeems 800 of those, they will remain in Tier 3 with their 1,700 points.
There is nothing to worry about here - your customers should remain in the tiers regardless of redemption!

Conditional tiers FAQ

Q. Which platforms can use conditional tiers?

These tiers can only be used on Shopify and Shopify Plus as Shopify is the only platform that allows users to tag customers.

Q. How many conditional tiers can a store have?

Multiple conditional tiers are now supported in LoyaltyLion, as long as these tiers are delineated by different tags.

Subscriber tiers FAQ

Q. What happens when a customer stops subscribing?

The customer that canceled a subscription will automatically be moved out of the subscriber tier into the best tier they qualify for.

As an example, if you base your tiers on spend and you have three spend-based tiers:

  • Entry ($0-$49)

  • Mid ($50-$99)

  • VIP ($100+)

With a subscriber tier, if a customer has spent $80 in the past twelve months and stops subscribing, they will be moved into the Mid Tier.

Q. My subscription customers aren't in the right tier, why?

ReCharge may take a while to tag new subscriber customers. So if your new subscriber customers don't move into the right tier straight away, check again in 24 hours as they probably will have done then.

If after 24 hours the problem still persists please contact

Q. How do I move customers into the subscriber tier?

Your customers will be automatically moved to the tier once they place their first subscription order. They will receive an Active subscriber tag in ReCharge, which will move them automatically to the Subscriber tier. If you notice that a customer is not in the subscriber tier and they should be, you should check they have this tag in ReCharge.

Q. How do I know which of my customers are subscribers?

This is something that you'd need to check in ReCharge. Click on Customers and you'll see the whole list of your shoppers. Customers with active subscriptions will have a number different from 0 in the # active subscription column.

Q. Can I have a subscriber tier for every subscription product on my store?

No. This is not how the subscriber tier works. The subscriber tier places customers in a tier based on having subscribed to any subscription product on your store. This cannot be filtered to a specific subscription product.

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