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To see which plans include Subscriber Tier please see our pricing page. If you would like to add Subscriber Tier to your account, please contact

Subscriber tier is directly connected to the ReCharge integration. If you use another subscription provider, you should use our conditional tier instead to set a subscriber tier.

What is a subscriber tier?

Subscriber Tier is an exclusive type of loyalty tier that can only be accessed by customers who subscribe to a product on your store and continue their subscription.

You can design this tier so customers who become subscribers gain exclusive access to rewards and/or are given more points for certain activities, for example, twice the amount for purchasing.

Why would I want to create a subscriber tier?

Subscriber Tier will incentivise more customers to subscribe to products on your store, which in turn increases their lifetime value and therefore your profit.

You might feel more comfortable rewarding your subscribers with additional points for purchases.

How to add a subscriber tier

If you have never set up any tiers follow the steps below. If you already have some tiers in place, contact us here.

1. Turn on the ReCharge integration on your Manage integrations, within LoyaltyLion.

2. Head to Manage tiers where you will be led through the tier setup process:

  • Name your tier

  • Select a colour

  • Reason for entering pick Becoming a subscriber

Note: remember to add all the tiers you want at once - once you've launched them you can't add or remove tiers yourself. If you want to reset your tiers email us at and we will be able to help you.

3. Set up your Activities

Choose how many points you want to give to each Tier for each activity.

Success Tip:  Remember to give your customers an incentive to become subscribers by giving more points for activities

4. Set up your Rewards

Success Tip: Set exclusive Rewards for Subscriber Tier - give your customers reasons to want to be in that Tier. Our Seamless Free Product works great with tiers!

Success tip: make the subscriber tier your most generous tier

Do this for two reasons:

  1. These customers have a higher lifetime value so you want to encourage them to subscribe

  2. Customers in other tiers will be moved to the subscriber tier as soon as they subscribe - so if someone is in your top tier you want them to gain better rewards for subscribing, not the other way round.


Q. What happens when a customer stops subscribing?

The customer that cancelled a subscription will automatically be moved out of the subscriber tier into the best tier they qualify for.

As an example, if you base your tiers on spend and you have three spend-based tiers:

  • Entry ($0-$49)

  • Mid ($50-$99)

  • VIP ($100+)

With a subscriber tier, if a customer has spent $80 in the past twelve months and stops subscribing, they will be moved into the Mid Tier.

Q. My subscription customers aren't in the right tier, why?

ReCharge may take a while to tag new subscriber customers. So if your new subscriber customers don't move into the right tier straight away, check again in 24 hours as they probably will have done then.

If after 24 hours the problem still persists please contact

Q. How to move customers into the subscriber tier?

Your customers will be automatically moved to the tier once they place their first subscription order. They will receive an Active subscriber tag in ReCharge, which will move them automatically to the Subscriber tier. 

Q. How to know which of my customers are subscribers?

This is something that you'd need to check in ReCharge. Click on Customers and you'll see the whole list of your shoppers. Customers with active subscriptions will have a number different from 0 in the # active subscription column.

Q. Can I have multiple subscriber tiers?

No. As the subscriber tier works based on having an Active subscriber tag (which a customer will get by subscribing to any product on your store), it is only possible to have one subscriber tier at this time. However, you can always consider conditional tiers as they can be created based on any tag in Shopify.

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