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To see which plans include Loyalty Tiers please see our pricing page. If you would like to add Loyalty Tiers to your account, please contact support@loyaltylion.com

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What are hidden tiers

Hidden tiers are not displayed in the list of tiers to shoppers. It allows tiers to be flagged as "secret".

It has two main uses:

  1. Having a super secret VIP tier above the regular tiers.

  2. Implementing a "hidden tier system", for example for Wholesale & Retail. When all tiers are hidden, the tier system is completely invisible to shoppers, but the rules and reward customisations still apply. This can be used if a store has different types of user and wants them to have different rules or rewards

How it is displayed on your admin page:

All you need to know about Hidden tiers:

  • Hidden tiers are created by simply ticking a 'hidden' box when setting up tiers

  • These will not show in the loyalty panel as tiers the customer can join

  • Customers can only be moved manually into a hidden tier

  • They are only visible to customers that have been manually moved into a particular tier

  • If a merchant makes all tiers hidden then no tier information is ever displayed to the customer

  • If there are hidden tiers and 'visible' tiers in the loyalty panel only visible tiers are shown to customers and customers can be moved automatically onto those tiers only by spending more

How to set it up:

When you set up tiers, choose ''Move customers in manually''

Who should be in Hidden Tier:

  • Top loyal customers: make them feel special for being loyal

  • Brand ambassadors: you can pay them in points and rewards

  • Wholesalers: Their purchasing habits are different from regular shoppers so set wholesale users to earn points at a different rate because. you don't want them to miss out on loyalty program!

Note: As your customers cannot be automatically enrolled into this tier, and have to be manually moved. This also means that when we import your customers, we cannot import them into the hidden tiers. This will have to be implemented manually.

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