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How points work

Learn all about how points and activities work in LoyaltyLion

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What are LoyaltyLion points?

Customers gain points through your loyalty program that they can then spend on various benefits at your store. They get these points by completing activity rules.

Once the customers have accumulated enough points, they can spend those on your store rewards. These could be vouchers or free products available on your site. Read more about the rewards available.

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Types of points

Points can be in different states depending on what the customer does with them. You might see these come up in exports, on the customer profile, or even via API:

Points approved: a customer's approved points. These are points that the customer has available to spend right away.

Points pending: points that are currently going through an approval period. Once the approval period is finished, these will become approved points.

Points spent: the total number of points that a customer has spent on rewards at your store.

Points total: the number of points that are both approved and pending. So points total = approved + pending points.

Points lifetime: the customer's lifetime points. So points lifetime = approved + pending + spent + expired points.

About the approval period

Some activity rules (such as Make a purchase, Birthday, and Refer-a-friend) may have an approval period set on them.

If your activity rule has an approval period when a customer completes the activity, the points will be in a pending state until the set period has passed. While the points are going through the approval period, customers cannot spend them. This can help protect your store from abuse, such as making a purchase, spending points, then quickly returning the order.

If you set an approval period, your customers will only be able to use these points once the specified time has elapsed. Depending on the activity rule, the approval period may be recommended to be set in different ways. Your customer will be able to see that their points are pending in the customer history table.

Note: when the approval period is changed in LoyaltyLion, the change will only apply to new activities. For example, if the period is changed from 14 days to 3 days the orders that were completed before the change will still have an approval period of 14 days.

How to give points before the approval period is over

If you trust your customers, you might want to give them their points before the approval period is finished:

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Find the customer profile in the Customers tab

  3. Navigate to the history table and find the associated activity

  4. Select "Approve" next to the activity

  5. You will see that the state of the activity changes from "pending" to "approved", meaning that the customer can spend their points immediately

Note: for the purposes of the example, the number of points associated with this order is 0. However, this will work no matter how many points the customer got for their order.


Q: Why didn't my customer get points for completing an activity?

There are a few reasons this could have happened. Here are a few things you can check:

  1. Is your customer enrolled in the loyalty program or a guest? Guest customers cannot get points for completing activities, so this may be why. Read more on this here.

  2. Is there an approval period set on the rule? If there is an approval period, the customer may need to wait for the approval period to end before being able to spend their points

  3. If you are still unsure as to why a customer didn't get point, please contact our support team

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