RedEye integration is currently available only for our merchants on an Enterprise Plan.

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Why RedEye and LoyaltyLion?

RedEye specialise in marketing automation software and consultation that targets customers across devices and throughout their lifecycle.

Contour is RedEye's AI-driven marketing automation hub that builds on an innovative customer data platform to deliver targeted traffic and personalised

Benefits of integrating with RedEye

  • Automate your email communications as part of your omnichannel approach, or send business-as-usual, offer-led email campaigns
  • Easily apply customer lifecycle algorithms to any email campaign type using the Contour Email Tool

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with RedEye?

  1. In order to integrate LoyaltyLion with RedEye make sure you're on LoyaltyLion Enterprise Plan. You can check this by going to your LoyaltyLion Dashboard.

    Click on your name at the top of the page and select Account from the drop-down menu

Here you'll see an overview of your program, including details of your LL plan

2. Get in contact with your RedEye representative and they will add LoyaltyLion fields to your account for you!

What fields are synchronised to RedEye?

We currently sync the following merge fields to each member:

  • Points (total, approved, pending, spent, lifetime)
  • Number of rewards claimed
  • Date enrolled in the program
  • Customer's unique referral link
  • Loyalty Tier
  • Birthday
  • Insights segment

Here is the complete list of merge fields we sync:

Total Points (approved and pending points): ll_points_total

Approved points: ll_points_approved

Pending points: ll_points_pending

Lifetime points: ll_points_lifetime

Spent points: ll_points_spent

Number of rewards claimed: ll_rewards_claimed

Date enrolled in the program: ll_enrolled_at

Referral URL: ll_referral_url

Loyalty Tier: ll_tier_name

Birthday: ll_birthday

Insights segment: ll_insights_segment

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