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Points per $1 spent

Customers will earn points for every $1 (or whichever currency your store is set to). The points calculation is based on the total paid minus shipping.

Success tip:
We advise setting this rule to give between 1-5 points per £/$ spent

Note: At present, rewarding customers ½ point for each $1 spent is not available within LL. 

Approval period

There is an approval period set to 14 days by default. This feature is designed to protect your store from abuse such as a customer quickly redeeming their points and then returning the order for a refund. If you set an approval period your customers will only be able to use these points once the specified time has elapsed. The approval period starts after the associated order has been paid. The points will appear as "pending" to the customer.

Additionally, the approval period is helpful with customer retention journey:

  1. Your customer makes a purchase in your store

  2. Their points go into pending state. This means, that for X number of days your customers are not able to use the points.

  3. Once the points are approved, a Reward available reminder (one of our automatic LoyaltyLion emails) is sent to your customers to let them know they can use their points on rewards and to drive them back for a second purchase.

Success tip:
We suggest setting the approval period to 30 days maximum, to match your store's returns policy or to shorten the time to second purchase. 

When the approval period is changed in LL, for example, from 14 days to 3 days - change will only apply to new purchases. The orders that were made before the change will still have an approval period of 14 days.

*If you don't set the approval period the same as your return policy, your customers may end up with negative points if they return the item after having used the points earned from the purchase.

Reward historic purchases

You have the ability to reward historic purchases on LoyaltyLion.
This feature lets people checkout as guests and remembers how many points they should have earned from the loyalty program. You can then email these guests telling them they have points waiting for them as soon as they create an account. When they create an account (with your store) they will automatically receive all the points for their past purchases from the last X days/months or the day the loyalty program started (if you just launched the program).

Please note that points calculation will be based on the settings that are applied on the purchase rule at the time the customers create an account.

This feature is designed to increase the number of shoppers who create full accounts. Shoppers tend to check out as guests because there is less friction. This is true and often your conversion will be higher, but if you consider the 2nd and 3rd purchase, shoppers are more likely to return if they have a full account. That's why we built this feature, we knew it was important not to interrupt a new shopper the first time they buy because it can harm conversion so we designed a feature that works after they've bought.

When the reward historic purchases is changed in LL from the shorter period to longer, for example, from 1 month to 3 months - change will only apply to new purchases. The program will not backdate orders prior to the change of this setting into account.

Exclude collection

*Not available on Magento

You can exclude a collection from earning points on your store. If there is a collection in your store that you do not want customers to earn points on, you can enter the collection ID in this section. To use this, enter your collection ID in the box provided and click on "Find collection".

The collection ID is the number found at the end of the URL when viewing a collection in your shopify admin - see screenshot below:

This should be a number - for example, 277277639

You can only exclude products that exist on your store and have product ID. A collection that is excluded will exclude all items in that collection regardless of whether that item is in another collection.


Q. Is there a way to set my existing customers up with points based on their previous orders prior to the install of LoyaltyLion?

Yes, you can provide us with a CSV with customers ID, email addresses and the number of points you would like them to have, We'll then add these to their accounts. These points will be added to each customer immediately as approved points. If any of the customers in your import already exist in LoyaltyLion, the points will be added to their account. For customers who don't currently exist in LoyaltyLion, they will be created and given the specified number of points. You may want to take a look at our Customer Import help doc for reference.

Q. When customers make a purchase do they earn points for shipping and tax?

 [Shopify] Customers will earn points on tax but not on shipping. At present, we do not have an option to disable tax available on LoyaltyLion. This is mainly the case as we feel it that it is much easier for customers to understand that they “pay $x, get x points” and we try to keep it as simple as possible.

Q. My customer has negative points. Why?

If customers use their points but later on return the order, they will end up with negative points in their account ( because we will deduct the points earned from that purchase). To avoid that, we recommend setting up the Approval Period the same as your return policy.

Q. My customer hasn't paid for their order yet, but they have pending points for that order. Why is that?

We give pending points right away as soon as an order is created so that customers get immediate feedback on their action: this is to provide the most compelling experience for your customers.
The order will remain pending until the order has been paid and the approval period you've chosen has elapsed since the time of payment.

Q. I can see an 'approve' button next to a pending order in the admin UI. When would I use it?

Under normal circumstances, this is never required. The 'approve' button is available specifically for those times your CSRs may wish to allow the customer to use their points after they've paid but before the approval period is over - i.e. if you're confident that they won't refund their previous order, and they wish to use their points on a new order right away.

Q. How is the points total for my customers' orders calculated?

The points are calculated based on the cart total. For example:

Customer A adds $50 worth of goods to their cart. They have a discount code of 10% off and they apply this to the order. This brings the cart total to $45. They are also charged shipping of $5. This brings the cart total to $50.

In this case, customer A gains $45 worth of points, so the final cart total minus shipping.

Q. How do you round the points for the customers' orders?

We use standard rounding (Math.round(value_in_cents/100)). So if the customer spends anywhere above $0.50 we’ll be rounding up. If $0.49 or less, we’ll round down.

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