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Please note that the Attentive integration is available for our Plus merchants. If you'd like to learn more please see our pricing page.

Attentive is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

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Why LoyaltyLion and Attentive?

Connect your loyalty and engagement platform to grow your list of SMS subscribers. Reward your customers with loyalty points when they sign up to receive SMS marketing campaigns.

How to enable Attentive Events

1. Log in to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage

4. Click on Attentive and click Configure Integration. If it says Install Integration, follow the steps to integrate found in the Attentive Integration Manual.

5. Select the events you would like to send to Attentive from the list. You can choose to send All events, or only choose Some events and select which ones to send.

6. Click Update Configuration to save your changes.

How do Attentive Events work?

LoyaltyLion will push customer events from LoyaltyLion to Attentive. You can then use this information to create dynamic segments for use in campaigns, or as triggers to send SMS messages to your customers.

The events that LoyaltyLion sends to Attentive are as follows:

These will appear as "A subscriber's activity" when creating segments.

  • Customer changes tier

  • Customer’s tier has been upgraded

  • Customer’s tier has been downgraded

  • Customer has new rewards available

  • Customer refers a friend

  • Customer has completed an activity

  • Customer approaching new tier

  • Customer moved to Loyal

  • Customer moved to At Risk

  • Customer moved to Win Back

  • Customer claimed reward

  • Customer's points expiring soon

Events that LoyaltyLion sends to Attentive

Customer reward available

Inform customers when they have met the minimum threshold to redeem a reward (eg. the customer reached 500 points which is your lowest value reward). The available_rewards property contains rewards that are actionable, in stock, enabled, and affordable by the customer.

Note: the Points slider, Free product voucher, and Seamless Free Product rewards are not currently supported in these emails. This means that if you only use those rewards, emails will not be triggered. They also will not show in the emails.

Recurring reward available reminder

This event re-occurs on a rolling interval, starting one month after you first enable the event in the admin. It will send to customers on the program who have not received a reward_available_notification within the same month. The available_rewards array contains rewards that are actionable, in stock, enabled, and affordable by the customer.

The points_approved_in_interval property contains the number of points the customer has earned within that month and the points_interval_start_date property describes when that month started.

Customer referral complete

You can send emails to customers who have referred their friends to let them know that their referrals have been completed. This should trigger once a referred customer makes their first eligible purchase.

You can inform the referring customer that they should be receiving points for their successful referral and congratulate them.

Customer tier upgraded/downgraded

LoyaltyLion sends events to Attentive to let your customers know their tier status and/or if it has changed:

  • When a customer moves up a tier

  • When a customer moves down a tier

Note: If you're seeing the "LoyaltyLion - Tier Changed" event, please know that this event has now been deprecated in favor of the Tier Upgraded and Tier Downgraded events. You should use those events when creating your emails.

Insights segment changed

Every time a customer moves into a new insights segment, the event will be sent to Attentive. This will include information about what segment they were in and which segment they're now in:

  • When a customer moves to the At-Risk Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Loyal Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Win Back segment

Activity rule completed

LoyaltyLion sends information to Attentive whenever a customer completes one of your activity rules.

With these triggers, you can let customers know when a rule has been completed and how many points they received. This applies to any rule, including custom rules. They are particularly helpful for rules that need to be fulfilled manually.

Customer's points expiring soon

LoyaltyLion sends events to Attentive when your customer is approaching their points expiration date.

Letting customers know their points are about to expire is an effective way to boost engagement with your program and encourage members to return and redeem sooner.

In order to use this event, you will need to ensure you have:

  • Enabled points expiration in your settings

  • Set the points expiration notice period: The number of days in advance you'd like to send your notice to customers about their points expiring.

Why don't I see my LoyaltyLion events appearing in Attentive?

The events appear in real-time as customers fulfill LoyaltyLion activities, meaning that they will only be available once the event has been completed.

For example, before the refer-a-friend event appears in Attentive, a successful referral needs to be completed. If you have 0 referrals completed on your store, you won't see the referral completed event in Attentive.

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