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Attentive - Essential Loyalty SMS Journeys
Attentive - Essential Loyalty SMS Journeys

Some of the most essential SMS journeys to kickstart your automations.

Written by Jason Leader
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Please note that Attentive integration is available for our Plus merchants. If you'd like to learn more please see our pricing page.

Attentive is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

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Why use Journeys?

Why use Journeys?

Journeys are a great way of automating the smaller email tasks, so you can focus on the wider-reaching campaigns. Creating Journeys early will ensure that whenever your customers do an action or meet a threshold, they will be texted automatically and encouraged to come back, or in some cases, just feel part of the community.

Creating Segments to use as Journey Triggers

As part of the integration with Attentive, you will already have access to many pre-built journey triggers. However, there are some triggers that we do not send over, that can be made through the properties of customers we send to Attentive. These properties can also be found in the Attentive Integration Manual.

In order to create a segment from these properties, you must go to the Segments page on Attentive, and click Create New Segment.

You would then want to choose the Dynamic Segment option, as we know customers may flow in and out of these segments as they make use of your Loyalty program.

From there, you can choose from the list of Customer Properties, to create a segment. For example, here is a segment created for the loyalty_tier, Gold. This way I can keep a dynamic list of all of my customers in my Gold tier.

I can then use this segment for both Journey Triggers and Campaigns, letting them know of any upcoming sales or potential new collections dropping soon.

Reward Reminder

Reward Reminders are a great way of encouraging your customers to come back to your store, by letting them know they are over the threshold for a reward. This works with the approval period in the Make A Purchase rule, so you can effectively notify your customers when their points have cleared, and they are ready to be used.

In this flow example, the reward will be a £5 discount, priced at 500 points, but this can be replicated with any point value. If you have a higher discount, you can add a secondary condition as shown below.

We do also have a pre-built Journey Trigger as well, which will trigger whenever a customer goes over any reward threshold, rather than the following Journey setup. However, with this Journey, you can be specific with what rewards you are showing.

Segment created:

Using the segment to create a Journey:

Example Journey:

This Journey will automatically trigger when the customers approved points total goes over 500, and triggers an SMS letting them know they have a discount available. If the customer clicks the link, the Journey will then end. If they have not clicked the link within a week, another SMS reminder will go out. This can be repeated as long as you may wish.

Approaching Tier Upgrade

This is the first of our pre-built Journey triggers. This Journey trigger will fire when a customer is within 10% of the next tier threshold. For example, if you had your tiers set up so that the boundary for Tier 2 is $200, any customer that has spent over $180, will get an SMS telling them how close they are to the next tier, to encourage an additional purchase to get them over the threshold.

Journey Trigger used:

SMS content:

Example Journey:

Following this journey, when the customer has their tier status fall within the 10% threshold, it will wait a few days to not be too pushy for an additional purchase, then let them know they are very close to 'leveling up', to encourage another purchase. It will then wait a week, and if the customer made a purchase, end, or if they have not, text again. This can be repeated as much as you wish.

Tier Upgrade/Downgrade

It is always helpful to let your customers know that their tiers, and therefore the number of points, or the benefits they receive, are changing. Do this autonomously with this Journey.

Journey Trigger used:

SMS Content (Upgrade):

Example Journey:

This Journey triggers when a customer tier has upgraded and sends a congratulatory SMS, telling them to come and check out the additional benefits they now receive. It will then wait 2 days, and if the customer has not yet clicked the link, resend the SMS. This can be repeated as often as you wish.

This Journey can also be followed for a Tier Downgrade, with the SMS content changing of course.

Referral Complete

Thanking a customer for referring their friends is a great thing to do, and encourages them to continue bringing you in new business and growing your brand.

Journey Trigger used:

SMS Content:

Example Journey:

As this is more of a thank you to the customer, it does not need to be as branching as the others but will trigger with every successful referral, so best to keep it short as we don't want customers to feel spammed if they have multiple successful referrals.

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