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Please see our Klaviyo integration guide here for more information on how to set up these email flows.

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What are the Klaviyo triggers?

Customer reward available

Customer referral complete

Customer tier changed

Customer claimed a reward

Customer insights segment changed

Customer completed an activity rule

How to set up the triggers?

Please note that using one Klaviyo account with more than one LoyaltyLion program is not supported

What are the Klaviyo triggers?

For merchants on our Plus plan, we now push unique loyalty events over to Klaviyo. You can use these event triggers to craft dynamic emails using the provider to improve customer engagement.

If you're on the Plus plan, check that your Klaviyo events are enabled by going to Dashboard > Manage > Integrations > Klaviyo (configure integration) and select "All events"

Customer reward available:

LoyaltyLion lets Klaviyo know when customers have gained enough points to redeem your lowest value reward. You can inform loyal customers when they have enough points to redeem them. Here is how the setup should look in Klaviyo:

Please note that the Points slider, Free product voucher and Seamless Free Product rewards are not currently supported in these emails. This means that if you only use those rewards, emails will not be triggered. They also will not show in the emails.

Customer referral complete:

You can send emails to customers who have referred their friends to let them know that their referrals have been completed. This should trigger once a referred customer makes their first eligible purchase.

Tier changed:

LoyaltyLion sends events to Klaviyo to let your customers know their tier status and/or if it has changed:

  • When a customer moves up a tier

  • When a customer moves down a tier

  • When a customer is within 10% of their next tier

  • When a customer changes their tier

Reward claimed:

LoyaltyLion sends events when customers claim a voucher or a gift card. This will also contain information about:

  • Discount amount

  • Discount type

  • Reward title

  • Reward type

  • Voucher code

With this information, you should be able to remind customers of their voucher details once they have claimed them at your store.

Insights segment changed:

LoyaltyLion added new events for your customers based on their insights segments in LoyaltyLion. You can find your insights section by navigating to Dashboard > Insights.

The insights are calculated based on your store's metrics like AOV and repeat-purchase rates.

Members refers to customers that have placed an order over the past twelve months.

Non-members refers to guest customers that have placed an order with your store over the past twelve months.

You can find the Loyal, At-risk, and Win back segments to the right of the Insights section:

Loyal customers are defined as those that purchase a lot and often, and are in the top 40% of customers who do so.

At-risk customers don't follow the usual spending trends of customers at your store (eg. If your customers usually purchase once every two months, a customer not purchasing anything for five months is a cause for concern).

Win Back customers are considered lost customers (eg. If your customers usually purchase once every two months, a customer who hasn't purchased in eleven months would be considered lost).

Please note that your loyalty program will need to be running for a couple of months before you see any data here to give us time to collate accurate data.

How are these insights sent to Klaviyo?

Every time a customer moves into a new insights segment, the event will be sent to Klaviyo. This will include information about what segment they were in and which segment they're now in:

  • When a customer moves to the At-Risk Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Loyal Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Win Back segment

You can then automate your Klaviyo email marketing by triggering emails to customers, creating new campaigns, or adding them to an existing campaign.

Activity rules completed:

LoyaltyLion sends information to Klaviyo when one of your activity rules has been completed. You can see and edit your activity rules by navigating to Dashboard > Manage > Activity rules > View rules. Here's how the trigger should look in Klaviyo:

With these triggers, you can let customers know when a rule has been completed and how many points they received. This applies to any rule, including custom rules. They are particularly helpful for rules that need to be fulfilled manually!

How to set up the new trigger emails?

You can follow our Klaviyo integration guide here to set up these email flows.

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