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Send events as metrics to Klaviyo on our Plus plan

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This feature is included as standard for Plus merchants and can be bought as an add-on

See our pricing page. If Klaviyo isn't listed on your integrations page within LoyaltyLion and you would like it to be, please contact support@loyaltylion.com

Please note that using one Klaviyo account with more than one LoyaltyLion program is not supported.

What are the Klaviyo events?

Plus plan customers now have access to unique loyalty events, that we push to Klaviyo. You can use these events or triggers to craft dynamic and personalised emails to customers, using Klaviyo to help drive customer engagement with the loyalty program.

The events are dynamic and send to Klaviyo in real time. This means that they are triggered by customers completing loyalty activities through your store

How to enable the Klaviyo events

You'll need your Klaviyo integration set up first - if you haven't set up your integration yet, please follow our guide.

LoyaltyLion sends events from the loyalty program to your Klaviyo account. This means that you can create emails that include information about redeemable rewards particular customers can claim (similar to LoyalltyLion emails).

1. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage

4. Click Configure Integration next to your Klaviyo integration and scroll down to enable event triggers. You can select "All events", or choose to just send some of the events to Klaviyo.

Make sure to select the fields you would like to send if you go with Some events!

5. Hit Update configuration to save the changes

Note: the events will start sending straight away, but they need to be completed in real-time to appear in Klaviyo. For example, the refer-a-friend event won't appear until one of your customers has actually referred a friend.

Events LoyaltyLion sends

Customer reward available

Inform customers when they have met the minimum threshold to redeem a reward. For example, the customer's points reached the lowest value of your rewards, which could be 500 points. The available_rewards property contains rewards that are:

  • actionable - meaning a customer can claim them straight away

  • in stock,

  • enabled,

  • affordable by the customer.

Important note!

There are certain rewards that are not currently supported by these emails. These rewards are:

  • Redeem at checkout

  • Free Product Voucher

  • Seamless Free Product

  • Subscription Rewards (for customers that are using a separate subscription portal)

This means that if you only use those rewards, emails will not be triggered. It's also important to remember that these rewards will not show in the body of these emails.

Recurring reward available reminder

This event re-occurs on a rolling interval, starting one month after you first enable the event in the admin. It will send to customers on the program who have not received a reward_available_notification within the same month. The available_rewards array contains rewards that are actionable, in stock, enabled, and affordable by the customer.

The points_approved_in_interval property contains the number of points the customer has earned within that month and the points_interval_start_date property describes when that month started.

Customer referral complete

You can send emails to customers who have referred their friends to let them know that their referrals have been completed. This should trigger once a referred customer makes their first eligible purchase.

You can inform the referring customer that they should be receiving points for their successful referral and congratulate them.

Customer tier upgraded/downgraded

LoyaltyLion sends events to Klaviyo to let your customers know their tier status and/or if it has changed:

  • When a customer moves up a tier

  • When a customer moves down a tier

Note: If you're seeing the LoyaltyLion - Tier Changed event, please know that this event has now been deprecated in favor of the Tier Upgraded and Tier Downgraded events. You should use those events when creating your emails.

Reward claimed

LoyaltyLion sends events when customers claim a voucher or a gift card. This will also contain information about:

  • Discount amount

  • Discount type

  • Reward title

  • Reward type

  • Voucher code

Insights segment changed

Every time a customer moves into a new insights segment, the event will be sent to Klaviyo. This will include information about what segment they were in and which segment they're now in:

  • When a customer moves to the At-Risk Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Loyal Segment

  • When a customer moves to the Win Back segment

You can then automate your Klaviyo email marketing by triggering emails to customers, creating new campaigns, or adding them to an existing campaign.

Activity rule completed

LoyaltyLion sends information to Klaviyo whenever a customer completes one of your activity rules.

With these triggers, you can let customers know when a rule has been completed and how many points they received. This applies to any rule, including custom rules. They are particularly helpful for rules that need to be fulfilled manually!

Customer's points expiring soon

LoyaltyLion sends events to Klaviyo when your customer is approaching their points expiration date.

Letting customers know their points are about to expire is an effective way to boost engagement with your program and encourage members to return and redeem sooner.

In order to use this event, you will need to ensure you have:

  • Enabled points expiration in your settings

  • Set the points expiration notice period: The number of days in advance you'd like to send your notice to customers about their points expiring.

How to insert the customer properties into an event flow

1. Log in to your Klaviyo account. On your Klaviyo Dashboard and select Flows on the left

2. Create a new flow

3. Select Create from Scratch, name the flow, and select "Create flow"

4. Select the LoyaltyLion trigger you would like to use from Metrics. For this tutorial, we'll be using Rule complete - Create an account. Click Done when you're finished.

5. Use Email as your Action by dragging the block into the flow. Then, configure the content of the email.

6. Choose an email design to use. For this guide, we used Drag and Drop and selected a template.

7. Preview your email. You will be able to see the most recent loyalty event for the trigger and event data associated. Select "extra" to expand the list of data

8. Scroll down and expand the properties list. This includes the LoyaltyLion properties

9. Click the property that you would like to insert into the email. For this, we'll be using points_approved. This generates a template that you can embed into the emails

10. Add them as text to the emails and hit save.

11. Klaviyo will populate them in email previews and sendouts.

How to recreate the reward available emails in Klaviyo

1. Log in to your Klaviyo account. On your Klaviyo Dashboard and select Flows on the left

2. Create a new flow

3. Select Create from Scratch and name the flow

4. On the left select Metric as the trigger for your flow.

For the Reward available email select LoyaltyLion - Reward Available and click Done at the bottom

5. Select the action on the left and drag-and-drop it under the trigger. I'll be using Email so that customers receive a specific message with an overview of their messages.

6. Click on Configure Content to customise an email. You'll be asked to select a way to design your email. I've selected Drag and Drop, however, you can also choose HTML to create it. Select the template to continue.

7. In order to create buttons with rewards currently available for your customers click on Blocks and then drag-and-drop Buttons in place you wish to list the rewards.

8. Click on the three horizontal lines, ❗️make sure that the setting is set to ON❗️ , and fill the boxes with info as below to iterate over available rewards. Save the changes.

9. Make sure to add the correct information in CONTENT section and Save.

This is how the email should look like after you correctly filled the boxes:

10. To preview the email, click on Preview on the left and then on Preview Now.

You should see all the rewards as separate buttons:

Klaviyo Events Email Reporting

Under your email section you will see a highlighted section with Klaviyo Events Reporting

If you have followed the steps and added the button blocks these will be tracked when your customers click through, if they claim a reward, and if they make a purchase via this all time report.

In order for the data to populate your buttons will need to be set up in the email and your buyers will need to click on them.

Visits to your store: Number of clicks from the button blocks to your store
Rewards claimed: Number of rewards claimed from clicking the buttons from the email
Revenue generated: Amount of revenue generated from your buyer clicking through from the email

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Frequently asked questions

I can't see one of my triggers in Klaviyo - why isn't it there?

The triggers will only be available in Klaviyo once the event has been completed. For example, for the refer-a-friend trigger to pull through to Klaviyo, a successful referral needs to have been completed. If you have 0 referrals completed on your store, you won't see the referral completed trigger in Klaviyo.

I'm seeing two triggers for referrals - which one should I use?

You might see two separate triggers for the referrals. This is because we have our standard referral complete trigger, and the activity rule completed trigger, which populates automatically for any activity rule you have enabled.

Standard referral complete trigger:

Activity rule completed trigger:

Either should work well! They are essentially the same. However, you should know that the standard referral complete trigger contains more information on the properties of the referral, so you may prefer to use this one.

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