Please note that Attentive integration is available for our Plus merchants. If you'd like to learn more please see our pricing page.

Please note that this integration is currently in BETA, which means it's currently available only to selected merchants.

Attentive is only available in the US and Canada

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Why LoyaltyLion and Attentive?

Connect your loyalty and engagement platform to grow your list of SMS subscribers. Reward your customers with loyalty points when they sign up to receive SMS marketing campaigns. With this integration, you set up the number of points a user can receive, and then Attentive can pass back the subscriber’s email address, phone number, and the number of loyalty points to your LoyaltyLion platform.

Benefits of integrating with Attentive

  • Drive more revenue

  • Target the right audience

  • Engage high-value mobile subscribers with relevant messages

  • Scale your SMS program and exceed your performance goals

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Attentive?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage

4. Find Attentive on the list and click Install Integration button

5. Authorize LoyaltyLion

6. You'll be moved back to LoyaltyLion. Select the events you'd like us to send from LL to Attentive (we suggest selecting all of them).

We also automatically send customer fields (like total points, approved points, tier, etc) to Attentive.

7. You can find the event triggers in Attentive by going to Segments and creating a new segment.

8. LoyaltyLion fields should be visible as Custom Events

How to give points for signing up to Attentive?

1. Log in to your LoyaltyLion account and click on the tab Manage

2. On the left find Activity rules and click Create new rule

3. Find the Custom rule

4. Set the identifier to attentive_sms and fill the rest of the fields.

5. Click Create rule at the bottom of the page

6. On the left find Configuration and click Settings

7. Scroll down and find your personal Token and Secret

8. In Attentive, navigate to the integration setup page and select LoyaltyLion.

Note: If the LoyaltyLion tile is not available in the integration setup page, contact Attentive's White Glove team ( and provide them with the details in the next step.

9. Enter the previously collected token, secret, and Loyalty Name.

10. Click Set up integration. Your Loyalty Lion account is now connected to Attentive!

Click here to visit Attentive's website

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