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Klaviyo Email - Integration Manual
Klaviyo Email - Integration Manual
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To see which plans include Klaviyo integration please see our pricing page. If Klaviyo isn't listed on your integrations page within LoyaltyLion and you would like it, please contact

Please note that using one Klaviyo account with more than one LoyaltyLion program is not supported

Why Klaviyo and LoyaltyLion?

Klaviyo is built on a single idea: using data to drive your marketing delivers better results. The platform makes it easy to pull in important data, use it to personalize your marketing content, target your campaigns, review your results and optimize performance. 

Using LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo together allows you to send emails that your customers will look forward to receiving.

Benefits of integrating with Klaviyo

  • Increase repeat purchases with reward available emails

  • Engage with customers via monthly loyalty summary emails

  • Increase customer acquisition with referral prompt emails

  • Target specific customer groups with segmentation 

  • Richer personalisation

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Klaviyo?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage 

4. Find Klaviyo on the list and click Install Integration button

5. Follow the instruction on the site in order to find your Public and Private API key

(Click an Image and make it bigger)

6. Log in to your Klaviyo account

7. Click on your name and select Account on the drop-down menu

8. Click on Settings and select API Keys

9. Copy-paste the Public API Key and paste it in LoyaltyLion.

Then click on Create Private API Key and copy-paste it. To ensure the correct performance of the integration, please set up a custom key with full access to scopes: Events, Flows, List, Metrics, Profiles, Segments.

10. Click Install Klaviyo in LoyaltyLion to save the changes. 

11. If you wish to select the properties to push to your Klaviyo contacts, go to:
 Manage > Integrations  and click Configure Integration

What fields are synchronized to Klaviyo?

If you want to know how to use template tags in Klaviyo emails

We currently sync the following merge fields to each member:

  • Points (total, approved, pending, spent, lifetime)

  • Number of rewards claimed

  • Date enrolled in the program

  • Customer's unique referral link

  • Loyalty Tier

  • Birthday

  • Insights segment

Complete list:

Total Points (approved and pending points): points_total

Approved (redeemable) points: points_approved

Pending points: points_pending

Lifetime points: points_lifetime

Spent points: points_spent

Number of rewards claimed: rewards_claimed

Date enrolled in the program: enroll_date

Referral URL: referral_url

Loyalty Tier: loyalty_tier

Birthday: birthday

Insights segment: insights_segment

Don't be alarmed if you can't see the fields in Klaviyo right away after you integrate. The initial sync might take a moment to push all the properties, however, once it's done, fields will be pushed in real-time.

You can find the fields in the tab Profiles in Klaviyo and by clicking on a specific customer's account. 

How to segment your customers in Klaviyo

You can use the properties to segment your customers. You can do this by following the below steps: 

  1. Click on the Lists & Segments

2. In the top right corner, click on the Create List/Segment

3. On the next site, select Segment

4. Add a new definition and click on Dimension. LoyaltyLion properties should be visible on the drop-down menu under Custom properties

You can also add LoyaltyLion fields to existing emails:

(Click an image and make it bigger)

Need help from an email expert? Hire one here!

Frequently asked questions

How can I use this data to help my business?

This data will help you increase revenue, engagement, and customer acquisition, as well as segment customers based on their loyalty properties, prompt customers to refer their friends by emailing them with their referral link, and more.

I have connected with my ESP provider, but the fields LoyaltyLion was supposed to provide do not appear in my ESP.

In order for LoyaltyLion to synchronize information with your ESP, LoyaltyLion has to be live on the page. After launching your program we'll start sending information, so it might take a moment for all the info to get synchronized. Once the first sync is done, we will be sending this data in real-time.

Some loyalty fields, like tiers, are not showing up in Klaviyo, even though I selected all of them to be synchronized.

Some LoyaltyLion fields are synchronized straight away (like points or referral URL), and some of them, like tiers, require a feature to be enabled beforehand. In order to see the loyalty tier field in Klaviyo, please go to Manage > Manage tiers and check if your tiers have been launched and finished processing.

Why do customer referral links in Klaviyo differ from those in the customer export?

Each customer has a separate referral link for each 'referral channel' as each referral link encodes information about where a given referral comes from. The referral link may be different from that in the customer export, however, it still belongs to the assigned customer.

Do you sync the customer point expiry to Klaviyo?

We don't sync the customer point expiry property to Klaviyo. If you would like to send customers emails about point expiry, you can use the "Points expiring soon" LoyaltyLion email, or point expiry event.

My segment that uses LoyaltyLion field doesn't update/sync. What's wrong?

We sometimes receive feedback from merchants that their segments that use LoyaltyLion fields don't seem to update in real life. To investigate, follow steps below:

  1. Go to Customers in LoyaltyLion and find a test customer. Ensure that they are not in a segment in Klaviyo.

  2. Make a change to your test client account (that should move them to a specific Klaviyo segment) - depending on your segments, this could be by manually rewarding points to your test customer account, or changing the tier customer is in.

  3. Go to your Klaviyo account, Audience -> Profiles

  4. Find your test account profile and confirm if the number of approved points/tier you see is the same as in LoyaltyLion:

    1. If yes, then the fields are synching as expected from LoyaltyLion to Klaviyo. Move to step 5.

    2. If not, get in touch with your CSM or so we can investigate this further for you

  5. Go to your Klaviyo Segments and check if the test customer has been moved to the segment:

    1. If yes, then everything should work as expected

    2. If not, wait 1 hour and check again. If the problem still persists, get in touch with your Klaviyo rep, so they can investigate this for you.

Please keep in mind that according to Klaviyo documentation, segments might take between 15 minutes to 1 hour to process and update the data.

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