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Using LoyaltyLion data in Klaviyo to get the most out of your program

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Using LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo together gives you a tonne of options to really push your Loyalty program to the next level. However, with so much choice, where should you start? Follow these top tips to make the most of your LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo connection.

If you are on the Advanced plan, you can only access properties sent over from LoyaltyLion to Klaviyo. If you want to upgrade your integration to include Events, please reach out to us at support@loyaltylion.com

Start off strong with a post-purchase Flow.

Casting your net wide will yield the best result. Every customer who makes a purchase but doesn't make an account and join the Loyalty program could be lost, so make sure you have a robust post-purchase Flow mentioning the benefits of the Loyalty program and, most importantly, how to join is an excellent start at maximising the potential of your program!

In the email content, you can mention that the customer has points available for them in the program, and you can rinse and repeat as long as you want, following the timeframe you have set in your Reward Historic Purchases setting.

Top tip: On the last email, you can flip the narrative and rather than saying 'Come back, make an account and receive your points!' you can change it to, 'If you don't come back and make an account, you will lose your points!'. Some people are motivated more by losing something than gaining something!

Automate as much as you can

Sometimes, adding a human touch to your campaigns can make a real difference, but it takes time and effort. To save yourself and your team some time, and to achieve consistent returns, try to automate as much as you can! The initial work done will be paid back infinitely when you can set it and forget it!

Using LoyaltyLion Events, or to a lesser extent, Segment Triggers, you can create Flows that continuously send emails to your customers when they hit certain milestones or trigger specific actions. Combined with conditional splits to follow up on these actions and wait periods to ensure emails land in your customers' inboxes at the right time, you have a powerful retention tool!

For some examples of essential Flows, you can follow this guide. For examples of Flows created using LoyaltyLion Events, follow this guide.

Include Loyalty information in all your emails, but only show it to those in the know!

We all want to make our lives easier, and having to organise what emails get sent to what customers can be a real pain. Make it easier on yourself by using data logic to hide that information for you!

In all your regular emails, you can include a text block letting people know their basic loyalty information by adding them in as Personalizations, such as how many points they have, the tier they are currently in, and a referral link they can use to introduce their friends to your brand. This would look odd to someone not in the Loyalty program, so you can use Hide/Show logic on that block to ensure only those in the program actually see that information. That way, you can send the same email to everyone and not have to worry about juggling multiple campaigns.

Make sure you are syncing subscribers from Shopify.

Making sure that Shopify, LoyaltyLion, and Klaviyo are all working at their best allows you to focus on the bigger picture!

Through LoyaltyLion, we can encourage customers to join the mailing list if they haven't already, with our Newsletter rule. This changes the Accepts.Marketing status is found in Shopify, which you can sync to a List in Klaviyo. Ensure that the sync has been turned on to get maximum value from your customer base and not lose any profiles between the cracks.

You can learn more about the sync here.

Focus on covering all bases first, then move to what's important and deep dive!

You have probably noticed that there is a lot you can do with an integration between LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo. So much that it can be confusing, and you can get lost in what needs to be done next.

It's always best to cover all bases first so that each event or segment you have created has its corresponding Flow. It can be simple, but ensuring you get value from each piece of data allows you to make the most of the integration.

Once you have all those bases covered, then you can deep dive into the areas that are a primary focus for your business. Do you want to tackle customer retention? Focus on a Rewards Available Flow. Do you want to encourage more referrals from your customers? Start a referral campaign sending out customer's unqiue referral URLs. Worried that loyal customers may be looking elsewhere? Send a reminder of their tier benefits or how much their points are worth!

More information on the Klaviyo integration can be found here.

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