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Small Business / Classic Plan best practice & recommendations
Small Business / Classic Plan best practice & recommendations

These are our top tips to help your program become a success!

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This article will walk you through our best practices and recommendations for our Small Business and Classic plans.

Point Calculator

To get access to our point calculator and make a copy of your own, please make a copy of this document for your store.


Activity rules determine when your customers are awarded points. When customers perform an activity that matches one of your activity rules, they’ll be awarded points based on the value you’ve set up in the rule.
Please see our instructions and tips for setting up activity rules!

Make a purchase rule:

Set your ‘Make a purchase’ rule to give 5 points for $1. The reasons for this are:

1. Not a running total of the amount spent on site
2. Gives you more room for movement with reward offerings
3. Makes you look favorable to other reward programs only offering 1 point per $1

Please note: if you deal with high currency, we recommend setting the make a purchase rule at 1 point per x spend (e.g 1 point per 1¥) as you don't want to be giving too many points as this can get complex.

Account creation rule:

Account creation points are one of the keys to a successful loyalty program as this encourages your customers to engage with the program, in turn aiding your customer retention journey.


  1. Give the customer 50% of points to reach the first reward. After their first purchase, they will be able to redeem their first reward and enhance your customer retention journey to bring them back for a second purchase

  2. Email your guest customers to let them know they can receive points for completing a purchase they’ve just made! See some examples of guest emails our merchants have created using their ESP.


Customers earn points for completing rules and they use these points acquired to redeem rewards.

There is no limit to the number of rewards you’d like to set up, so we recommend you have a variety on offer to your customers.

Make a reward available after a customer’s first purchase - even a small reward.

Here’s why: After 1st purchase, there is a 27% chance of them returning for a second purchase and a 54% chance of repeat purchasing after their 3rd purchase

Use a variety of different rewards, 63% of customers are looking to have a free product reward in a loyalty program!

See our Pinterest board for examples of merchants using a variety of rewards in their program!

Loyalty Emails 📧

38% of loyalty program members are unaware of their points value, and a further 57% don’t know their points balance. To combat this, LoyaltyLion provides you with fully customizable emails which are automatically sent to your customers.

If you're a member of our Classic plan you also have the option to integrate with your ESP, so you can recreate some LoyaltyLion emails within there, see our list of integrations.

See some examples on our Pinterest board showing the different types of loyalty emails our merchants have created using both LoyaltyLion emails and their ESP.

Changing the language and currency💰

Please see our help documentation that shows you how to change the text of your program!

Please see our help documentation that explains currencies.

Please note:

  • We don't support decimals

  • We don't support X points per 100 or 1000 currency units

Understanding your analytics and insights 📈

Promoting your program 📣

Launch giveaway!

One of the most important first steps to a successful loyalty program is securing customer engagement from day one. So why not credit your customers with launch points?

1. Decide the number of points you would like to provide

3. Create an email campaign to let your customers know! See more examples of merchants announcing the loyalty program.

Send a welcome email to your existing customers

This will help raise awareness of the program and generate excitement around your reward offerings. We recommend you send a separate welcome email to your existing and new customers.

If you already send a welcome email via your ESP, you can include information about the loyalty program within this.

You can see some great examples of welcome emails our merchants send out with LoyaltyLion and with their ESP.

Advertise your loyalty program!

  • Create a post on social media

  • Create a Facebook campaign

  • Upload a picture on Instagram promoting your new loyalty program
    Add a banner/pop-up on your website

  • Create a loyalty program landing page

  • Go outside and tell everyone about your new loyalty program!

Oxford Biolabs even made a Youtube video explaining their loyalty program!

See our Pinterest board for more examples of the variety of methods our merchants have used to promote their loyalty programs.

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