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About account creation rule

This activity rule gives points to customers when customers create an account in your store.

We would advise setting this rule to give 50% of the points required for your first reward. This is to ensure that the customer from day one can reach their first reward after their initial purchase with you. For example, if your first reward requires 500 points, you would set this rule to give between 200/250 points.

How many points to give

  1. Look at your Average Basket Size e.g. $50

  2. Calculate how many points a customer will get after making this purchase

โ€‹e.g. $50 x 5points = 250 points if make a purchase rule $1 = 5 points

3. Set up account creation points to give away enough points to get a customer at least 50% of the way to their first reward

e.g., 250 points if first reward is $5 off = 500 points

4. Account creation points + first purchase points = reward

e.g., 250 points + 250 points = 500 points = $5 off

Set up the Create an Account rule

  1. On your LoyaltyLion account, go to the Manage tab

  2. Under Activity Rules, go to View Rules,and select Create an account

  3. Change the number of points given to customers

  4. (Optional) Edit the notification that is seen by customers when they receive points.

Note: the #{{points}} text will be replaced with the actual amount of points awarded.


Q. A new customer just created an account, however, in my back-office, it doesn't show that they have earned the points?

It can take up to ten minutes for the process to update - if you still cannot see them please email us at where we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Is this program one where the customers sign up themselves or does it pull the customers from our customer base?

Customers use their existing store account, so there's no separate loyalty account. We automatically enrol customers in the program when they log in for the first time on your store.

Q. When do my customers become members of my Loyalty Program?

A customer becomes a fully enrolled member of your Loyalty Program when:

  • They register a full account

  • [Shopify only] They complete a purchase on Shopify POS

In any other situation, we consider the customer not to have opted-in to the Loyalty Program. Some examples of customers who would not be enrolled in the Loyalty Program:

  • A customer who has only ever checked out online as a guest

  • A customer who has never checked out and never registered otherwise

  • [Shopify only] A customer who has begun checkout in Shopify POS and then abandoned it

  • [Shopify only] A customer who has been invited to create an account (e.g., via a bulk import to Shopify) but who has not yet accepted their invite

Q. My imported guest customers did not receive account creation points when they finally created accounts on my site. Why is that?

Customers can only earn account creation points if:

  • they are not yet enrolled

  • they were not created from an import

If you want to process a point import with your guest customers into the program, please make sure you reward guest customers with additional points for account creation, as they are not going to get those points automatically.

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