Setting up the program

When you first install LoyaltyLion, you'll be asked to choose the program's design, the activities for which you will reward your customers and how you will reward them.

Once you've completed this initial set up, you are ready to launch your loyalty program!

After launching, you can explore and add more rules and rewards using the Manage tab.

How your customers use the loyalty program

We automatically enrol your customers into the loyalty program when they create an account on your store. We sync this account information directly from your platform. This means you cannot create or edit customer information directly in LoyaltyLion.

Your loyalty program is points based. This means that for all rules, customers will earn points. They can use those points to claim rewards in the loyalty pop up like this:

Loyalty Widget: Design

The loyalty widget will appear on every page. All design options available for the widget and pop up are in the 'Program Design' section of the 'Manage' tab.

You can find out more about different design options available on our other plans here.

Free trial

During your first 14 days after signing up to LoyaltyLion, we give you the opportunity to trial all features available on our Small Business plan such as LoyaltyLion emails, custom rules and rewards, and the ability to customise the program’s text.

After this period, we will remove these features. Then you can choose to add them again to your plan using the 'Enhance LoyaltyLion' tab.

Help Center

Our LoyaltyLion Help Centre contains help guides and FAQs on all of our features.

If there’s a feature you don’t see, please let us know via a feature request here. We love to hear your feedback about features you'd like to see in LoyaltyLion for the future.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team at or on our in-app chat at 🦁

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