Manually email LoyaltyLion members
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Email feature or email integration isn't available on your plan?
Don't worry - we give you all information to email your members manually!

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Why would I want to email my loyalty members?

We encourage all merchants to email their customers about the loyalty program so they stay engaged and informed.
 You can do this automatically using LoyaltyLion's inbuilt emails or you can do it manually.

  • Welcome them to the loyalty program

  • Let them know they have enough points for a reward and drive them back to your store

  • Encourage them to complete a few more activities to earn enough points for a reward

How to manually email members?

1. Log into your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on tab Customers

3.Click Export in the top right corner 

4. Enter your email in the pop-up window. Within the next 30 minutes you should receive a CVS file with your customers' data

5. Once you have the CSV file you'll be able to import your members into any email provider and send more personalised emails


Q. Is it possible for us to configure our order confirmation emails to display the customers' point balances

Yes - If you're on Shopify Plus, contact to discuss pushing customer points to metafields in your shopify account.

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