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Conditional Tier
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To see which plans include Conditional Tiers please see our pricing page. If you would like to add Conditional Tiers to your account, please contact

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What are conditional tiers?

Conditional Tiers are an exclusive type of loyalty tier that can only be accessed by customers who have a specific tag within Shopify. 

You can design this tier so special customers who are tagged can get exclusive access to rewards and/or are given more/less points for certain activities, for example, wholesalers would earn less points for purchases and would need more points for rewards.

Please note, the customer tag associated with your conditional tier should be managed solely by your team in Shopify.

Why would I want to create a conditional tier?

Conditional Tiers are a great way to segment your customers into groups and create relevant rules and rewards for this segment. Reward your Wholesalers for their purchases or tag your top referrers and give them double points for all referrals.

How to add a conditional tier?

1. You can create conditional tiers in the same way that you create other tier types. When creating a tier you will have an option to select Conditional (Shopify tag) in the UI.

If you are unsure about how to set a conditional tier, please email letting us know the exact tag you will be using to segment your customers and the desired name of your tier.

Note: This tag is case-sensitive. 

Once the tier has been setup, all tagged customer will automatically be placed within this tier. Find out more about tagging customers here

Note. these cannot be used alongside subscriber tiers. 

2. Go to manage tiers where you will be led through the tier setup process, the conditional tier will be present. 

Remember to add all the tiers you want at once - once you've launched them you can't add or remove tiers yourself. 

Note: Once launched you can't edit tiers yourself. If you want to reset your tiers please contact us at 

3. Set up your Activities

Choose how many points you want to give to each Tier for each activity. 

4. Set up your Rewards


Q. Which platforms can use conditional tiers?

These tiers can only be used on Shopify and Shopify Plus as Shopify is the only platform that allows users to tag customers.

Q. How many conditional tiers can a store have?

Multiple conditional tiers are now supported in LoyaltyLion, as long as these tiers are delineated by different tags.

Q: What happens if a customer qualifies for multiple conditional tiers?

The shopper will be placed in the best (highest position) tier that they qualify for.

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