When re-platforming your loyalty program, please ensure that:

  • your new store URL is updated within LL 

  • you have imported your customers into your new store. This will then generate new customer IDs for your customers, which we will then use for any customer/points/tier/birthday import. 

When migrating, if customers have unused vouchers, ensure you refund the unused vouchers, then create a csv for your customer’s points import, with the new customer IDs. This will then prevent customers from losing out on their unredeemed rewards, and will prevent them from losing their points.

Please note that the following historic data will not be transferred to your new platform:

  • Points spent 

  • Referral URL

  • Enrolment date

  • Rewards Claimed

  • Total spent

  • Activities completed

  • Rewards claimed

  • Order history

However, the customers birthday, points, and email can be imported into your new platform.
When imported, customers that have unsubscribed from your mailing list will remain unsubscribed, to follow GDPR regulations.

At LoyaltyLion, we do not run a separate account for the customer but sync our Loyalty scheme with your customers existing accounts on your store. Therefore, when migrating to a new platform, customers must create a new account on your store to be enrolled into the loyalty program.

How to change platforms?

1. Let us know that you will be changing platforms
2. Go to your account > settings > add site > select the correct platform (screenshots below) > Install LoyaltyLion again on your site's new e-commerce platform.

3. Set up all the rewards and activity rules as it was on your original loyalty program.
Customisation from your previous loyalty program will also need to be updated, if you are copying the coding used in your previous store, and pasting this into your new store, the coding will need to be updated. This includes any customised logos within your loyalty panel. This can be updated by changing the image URL.

4. Send us a list of your customers and the points you want to import:
*Important note: you need to import the customers to your new platform first as we need their specific ID’s in order to import them to your loyalty program.
For example, as you’re moving from Magento to Shopify, import all your customers to Shopify first and once all customers exist in Shopify, then send us the list with their emails. If this is not done, the import will not work.

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