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Re-platforming from M1 to M2
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Important: Please contact a member of our team at before attempting to re-platform on Magento to ensure a smooth transition.

We support the transition, but due to the inherent complexities in supporting two different sites with a minimum of downtime, it's critical to follow this guide. This is a strictly technical process and it shouldn't be attempted by merchants themselves. Please involve your developers.

You can expect the following changes during/after transition:

  • We will import customers' points, so they keep their points total.

  • You need to make sure that any outstanding rewards which have been claimed but not yet used have to be refunded for points before the transition (read our explanation)

  • Customers will lose their activity history, but it will still be available for you to refer to by accessing your Magento 1 LoyaltyLion admin

These restrictions are due to the fact that changing platforms between the two Magento versions completely changes the internal IDs of customers and rewards, so there's no easy way to reconcile the customers/rewards in the old store with the new store.


Steps to follow:

  1. In the app, go to Account > Add Site > Magento 2.x and set up a new staging site. Follow the instructions and set up your new program as normal. Also, please clearly indicate it's a staging site - e.g StoreName - Staging.

  2. Once you've done that, please let us know so that we can flag it as a test store internally. At this same time, let us know about re-platforming from Magento1 to Magento2 - contact

  3. We will send you the rest of the installation instructions for LoyaltyLion on Magento2

  4. Set up new rewards, activity rules, emails, etc. how you like ( you can recreate the ones from the M1 loyalty program)

  5. Send us a list of your customers exported from the M2 site with points assigned from your M1 site (here you can find more information about Magento imports)

  6. We will import the old points and customers to your loyalty program on the M2 site

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