Please note that if you are using our Free Plan and would like to temporarily unlaunch your program, please get in touch with us through or via our on-site chat at

Please note that if you'd like to test your program before officially launching, it is a merchant's responsibility to check if all the elements mentioned below are turned off and customers are not able to access them.

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How to test the program?

If you would like to test your loyalty program without your customers being able to use it please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the widget [here]
  2. Turn off all notifications [here]
  3. Turn off all emails [here]
  4. Disable your Point slider (Redeem at checkout)
  5. Launch the program*
  6. Go to your store to create an account, make a purchase and do other activities that you’ve set up. 
  7. Go to Customer tab, look up your email and check if you’ve received the points for the activities you’ve completed
  8. If it works as it intended to, enable features mentioned in point 1-3.
  9. Your program is live on your site and your customers can earn and redeem points


Note: Whilst in ‘test’ mode this will track your customers activities and record their data.
For example, if a customer makes a purchase’ whilst your site is in ‘testing’ the customer will have these points in their account when you make the program visible.

We do not recommend keeping your program in ‘testing mode’ for a long period. Please reach out if you would like your programs data refreshed before going live. 

How to turn off the widget?

1. Click on the Manage tab
2. On the left find the option Customise and click on Loyalty widget
3. Untick the box Include on my store?
4. Save the changes

How to turn off the notification?

1. Click on the Manage tab
2. On the left find the option Customise and click on Notifications
3. Untick all the boxes
4. Save the changes

How to turn off the emails?

1. Click on the Emails tab
2. Select one of the enabled emails and click Edit

3. Click Turn off and save the changes 

4. Repeat with the rest of the emails
5. Each email should have a disabled tag


Q. How to embed the panel on a page before launching?
Until you choose so, the custom page will be hidden from customers, this way, you can test it all prior to setting it live. When you create a new page in Shopify it will be hidden by default (if you haven’t added it to your header yet). You will be able to access it through your admin or with a direct URL. If you want to see how you can embed the panel on your page, click here

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