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Q. I'm unable to set auto top-up for the rewards. "Auto top-up Failed due to an issue with Magento API".

The reason why you might be unable to set the auto top-up is LoyaltyLion not being able to connect with Magento. Please follow the steps below to solve this.

1. Log in to your LoyaltyLion admin and Magento store.

2. In Magento, click on System > Extensions > Integrations

3. Find LoyaltyLion and click on Reauthorize. This will open a side-panel with an orange Reauthorize button

4. The program should automatically reconnect and you should receive the information:

5. Come back to LoyaltyLion and go to your rewards (Manage > View rewards > Add codes). Make sure to click Save auto top-up options. You should see the green message "Auto top-up options have been updated".

Q. My customers are unable to use the referral vouchers in the checkout and receive this error message:

It is possible that your current referral coupon set-up for referral coupons is not allowing customers to claim the voucher. Please to go you Magento admin > Marketing > Cart price rules > select [LoyaltyLion] Referrals flat and scroll down to Uses per coupon and Uses per customer. Make sure that your settings look like this:

If the problem still persists after you amend this, please reach out to our Support team so we can investigate this for you further.

Q. Visiting /api/rest on my store results in a 404 error page - why?

LoyaltyLion requires API access to your Magento store in order to function correctly.

If we can't access your API, the most likely explanation is a misconfigured .htaccess directing API requests to the wrong part of Magento internals.

A correct .htaccess has a rewrite rule near the beginning which looks like this:

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteRule ^api/rest api.php?type=rest [QSA,L]

Q. The referrals do not work correctly and show a "Sorry something went wrong" instead of a usable voucher code.

When setting up LoyaltyLion rewards you can choose an option to auto-top up voucher codes. We will generate a voucher code once a customer claims it, so you don't have to worry with generating your own voucher codes and importing them into the program.
This is also something we automatically do in case of the referral rule. Once a referred customer clicks on the referral URL we will automatically create a rule in your Magento store ( you can find it by going to Marketing > Cart Price Rules).

Please make sure to DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS by yourself, as this can cause the referral rule to stop working correctly.

If you amended referral settings on the Magento side, make sure you remove the existing rule from Magento and follow the steps below:

1. Log to LoyaltyLion admin

2. Click on Manage

3. Find Activity Rules and click View rules

4. Click Edit by your referral rule

5. Make sure you amend one of the selected options. This will create a new referral rule in Magento. Please make sure not to change any settings from now on!

Q. Some of my customers are unable to use voucher codes. What could cause this?

Please make sure to check if the affected customers are in the correct group to be able to use the voucher code. Groups are something that you can amend within your Magento Dashboard. More information on groups here:

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