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Hello, and welcome to LoyaltyLion! In this article you have an overview of the features included in our Advanced & Plus plans, to show you how you can build out your loyalty program and what you can expect to work with when you join the pride.

What can you do with the program?

The Dashboard - helps you review relevant statistics relating to your program such as new program members, points earned and points spent, rewards claimed and loyalty purchases.

The Analytics tab - helps you review your referrals ,order analytics and notifications to see how the program is performing.

Please note that Notifications Analytics are part of the Plus Plan with LoyaltyLion. If you are on the Advanced Plan with us and are interested in adding this as a feature, please contact your Onboarding Manager to advise on the pricing.

Insights tab - here you can access shopper-focused data to continue developing your program.

You can understand in what groups your customers belong to: non-members, members, non-redeeming members, redeeming members. Using this data you can send them targeted email campaigns to keep them coming back to your store.

Additionally, you can also see who your most loyal customers are, who are at risk and who are to win back.

In the Customers tab - you can see your shoppers on an individual basis. You can go into their profile to see how many points they have, the rewards they claimed, the history of their orders. You can also perform different actions such as: giving points, removing points, blocking from the program, and changing tier.

Emails tab - as standard, LoyaltyLion offers four emails that can be enabled and customised within our platform:

  • - Points expiring soon

  • - Monthly reward reminder

  • - Reward available reminder

  • - Welcome to the loyalty program

If you are using an ESP with which we have a direct integration, you do not need to also enable the LoyaltyLion emails.

Managing your Program

In the Manage tab you can create the loyalty program. You can set up the rule, rewards, tiers, loyalty page and integrations.

For a full list of rules please go HERE

For a full list of rewards please go HERE

The Loyalty Page - here you can set up your loyalty page using our standard page. You can customise the title and theme, buttons and icons colors within LoyaltyLion.

Any further customization can be done by your developer team using CSS or our SDK components within your Shopify theme editor.

Don’t have a developer? Hire one here!

Our standard loyalty page is part of the Advanced Plan and Plus Plan with LoyaltyLion.

Notifications - help draw new, guest, and existing customers to your Loyalty program every time they visit your site and shop with you.

The following notifications are part of the Advanced Plan with LoyaltyLion:

  • Earn points

  • Welcome new visitors

We also offer our Enhanced notifications that are part of the Plus Plan:

  • Post-purchase guest sign-up

  • Post-purchase: refer a friend

  • Redeem rewards

If you are on the Advanced Plan and wish to purchase the Enhanced notifications as an additional feature, please contact your Onboarding Manager to advise on pricing.

Tiers - these are part of our Advanced and Plus plans. They help gamify your loyalty program and encourage customers to make more purchases to earn better and more rewards the higher they move up in between tiers.

You can choose how many points you can offer per activity or reward. You can also choose what activities and rewards are made available for each tier. And you can also list visually what other tier benefits you may be offering outside of the LoyaltyLion platform.

Integrations - this area of the platform is where you can install the integrations. We have a full list of the integrations we offer HERE that includes the step by step guide on how to install and use each of them.

Imports - whether you are migrating your current loyalty program to us and you wish to bring across all the points your customers currently have, or you simply wish to reward your loyal customers by giving them some points as a thank you, we can help you with that. Your Onboarding Manager will explain what we need from you and will perform the imports for you.

We can do:

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