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Recharge - Shopify Checkout Integration upgrade
Recharge - Shopify Checkout Integration upgrade

Explaining the updates we've introduced as part of the Recharge Shopify Checkout Integration upgrade

Written by Patrick Molgaard
Updated over a week ago

What's changed?

You've received this document because Recharge has just upgraded your store to use Shopify's native checkout integration.

As part of this change, we've changed the range of rewards we offer as part of our Recharge integration.

Old reward types

If you are using the Recharge checkout, you have the option of two reward types:

Money off subscription

Percentage discount subscription

Both reward types are only applicable to purchases of subscriptions and ongoing subscriptions. Attempting to use one of these rewards with a one-off purchase is not supported.

New reward types

Once you have switched to the Shopify checkout, you no longer have those reward types available. In their place, you have:

Active subscription discount

An Active subscription discount is only applicable to a subscription which is already ongoing, and must be applied via the shopper's subscription management portal.

Enhanced discount options

Subscription options within the core Discount reward allowing it to apply to only one time purchases, subscription purchases, or both

Why have we changed the rewards we offer?

We made these changes to better align with our merchants' most typical usage patterns: the most frequent use-case is a reward which applies universally to one-time and recurring purchases; this is now possible as a single reward type, rather than requiring two distinct rewards.

How does this affect me and my customers?

  • Once your checkout platform has been changed from Recharge to Shopify, you'll automatically lose the ability to create the removed reward types.

  • Any old rewards already claimed by your shoppers will still be available to them, but they will not be able to view or claim new ones.

  • You will retain access to the history and information about the reward.

  • You will be able to set up the new reward types from your manage/rewards view.

What's not changed?

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