Tracking custom activities on Magento
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Note: This guide is compatible with version 1.3.1 and above of the LoyaltyLion Magento extension. If you're running an older version, contact for an upgrade guide.

 In this guide, we'll set up a hypothetical "signed up for a newsletter" custom activity on a Magento store.

2. Configure the rule settings. For this rule, we'll choose the following values:

  • Identifier will be 'newsletter_signup' - this can be anything, but we'll use it later in our Magento code.

  • We'll award 50 points for completing this activity

  • We'll choose 'Immediate' - so the points don't have a pending period

  • Points will be earned at most once per year - but we'll only send an event for this activity once per customer anyway.

3. Track events in our Magento store

// Construct our event payload 
// This is described here:
// $data = array(
       'customer_id' => $customer->getId(),
       'customer_email' => $customer->getEmail(),
       'date' => date('c'),
// get a LoyaltyLion API client using the API credentials you have set in your store $client = Mage::helper('loyaltylion/client')->client();
// Track a newsletter signup event
$client->events->track('newsletter_signup', $data);

4. Verify that the customer earned their points.

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