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To see which plans include Loyalty Tiers please see our pricing page. If you would like to add Loyalty Tiers to your account, please contact

For more information on tier evaluation and how customers move between tiers, please see building tiers and how they work.

What is tier progress?

Tier progress presents the number of points or spend that the customer has earned towards their current tier. If you have launched tiers, you will see a customer's tier progress on their profile page for boundary (spend or points) tiers.

Tier spend/points

Depending on how you set up your tiers, this will display as either tier spend or tier points. The values update dynamically as customers earn points or make purchases.

Please note, this field can be different from your customer's current points or total revenue.

Tier progress values take into account the tier duration of your live tiers. This would be either:

  • Rolling 12 months

  • Lifetime

To next tier

Below the tier spend/points, you'll see a number of points or spend the customer is required to accumulate in order to move into a higher tier.

To stay in tier

In certain cases, you will see points or spend to stay in tier.

Manual move to a boundary tier

One of the cases, when you will see stay in tier is when a customer has been manually moved to a boundary tier. Because the move was manual, they did not earn the required spend to reach this tier through purchases. In order to stay in a tier, they must first spend a required amount before the tier is re-evaluated again at the end of their 12-month tier membership.

12-month rolling evaluation

If you selected our recommended, 12-month (rolling) evaluation upon tier creation, customers will need to ensure they spend or receive enough points to stay in a tier.


Tier 1 = 0 - $500

Tier 2 = $500 - $1000

Tier 3 = $1000 +

A customer is in Tier 1 with no tier spend, and then they place an order on 1st Jan 2024 for $300.

They then place an order on 14th Feb 2024 for $200 - as they have now reached $500 spend, they are moved into Tier 2.

Their tier membership for Tier 2 begins on 14th Feb 2024 and ends after 12 months, on 12th Feb 2025.

After 1st Jan 2025, the customer's tier spend will only be $200 since the first order has "dropped-off" of the 12-month window, so their spend to stay in tier would be $300. They would need to spend $300 before their tier membership is re-evaluated on 14th Feb 2025 in order to stay in Tier 2, otherwise they will be moved down to Tier 1.


There are scenarios where you will not see a customer's tier progress.

Tier spend/points

Tier spend/points will not appear if a customer is in a:

  • conditional tier

  • manual tier, i.e a tier where tier changes are made exclusively through manual adjustments

Tier spend/points to next tier

Tier spend/points to next tier will not appear if a customer is in:

  • the highest boundary tier

Tier spend/points to stay in tier

Tier spend/points to stay in tier will not appear if:

  • a customer is in the first tier, as there is no lower tier the customer can be moved down to

  • you have lifetime tiers enabled, as customers cannot move down tiers


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