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Reward: redeem points at checkout
Reward: redeem points at checkout

Step by step guide to enable redeem points in checkout.

Written by Freddie Wynne
Updated over a week ago

This feature is only available for merchants on Classic plans and above and that have Shopify Plus. To read more about our plans and features, please see our pricing page.

Redeem at checkout rewards

To enable the "Redeem at checkout" rewards, you will need to enable Shopify Checkout Extensibility.

🧠 To learn more about upgrading to Checkout Extensibility please read Shopify's Checkout Extensibility Guide

As of Aug-2024 Shopify plan to fully deprecate checkout.liquid, which some merchant use to customise their checkout experiences. Checkout extensibility isn't compatible with checkout.liquid. You can use checkout extensibility to replace your checkout.liquid customizations with new or upcoming features.

For more information on this, we suggest contacting your Shopify Account Manager. And you can read more about checkout.liquid here.

❗ Please note: If you currently use checkout.liquid - there will be no immediate change to the functionality of your program. If there are any doubts, please contact your account manager or customer service manager.

Who can upgrade to Checkout Extensibility?

Currently, it's available for Shopify Plus merchants only.

Why upgrade to Checkout Extensiblty?

There are many reasons you might want to upgrade to Checkout extensibility. Overall, there has been an improvement to the consumer checkout experience in both experience and accessibility. As the service matures, there will be more enhancements in the forms of customisations, editors, pixels and branding.

How to enable Redeem points in checkout reward:

  1. Navigate to create a new reward

  2. Select Redeem points at checkout:

  3. Define the details of the reward

    1. Cost per currency unit - number of points to spend per unit of currency

    2. Minimum discount amount - minimum amount a shopper can redeem in the checkout

    3. Maximum discount amount - maximum amount a shopper can redeem in the checkout

    4. Subscription purchases - whether or not a shopper can redeem points against a subscription

    5. You can also choose to restrict a single collection from reward

  4. Click 'Create'

Once you've enabled your Redeem at checkout reward it will show on your View Rewards page:

Setting up the reward on the Shopify admin side:

Once this is complete, you will need to visit your Shopify admin panel. Then follow these steps to add the redemption in checkout reward to your checkout page:

  1. In settings, click 'Checkout' and then 'Customize'

  2. Once in the custom checkout page, click 'Add app' in the bottom right:

  3. Select checkout-redemption component

  4. Then you can drag and drop the component to most areas of your checkout

  5. When clicking on the app, you can also specify the behaviour within the checkout and include it within the Shop Pay checkout experience

  6. Once you're happy, hit 'Save' in the top right:

πŸ’‘ TOP TIP: We suggest you place the app block at the top of the Information or Payments pages, so the reward is immediately visible on mobile.

To remove the reward, you have to select it, then click Remove app from checkout in the bottom right:

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